Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year equals new job

Starting a new job is exciting and scary.  Everything is new and different and you don't know what to expect.  I start a new job on Monday.  It is a permanent job with benefits.  While it is not much more money than what I make now I will at least have the medical benefits and vacation time.  Not to mention a 401k plan.  I am grateful for this opportunity.  It kind of just fell into my lap.  A friend I bowled with years ago told me about it.  Her husband works there and he turned in my resume.  Interviewed on a Monday for it and got a job offer on Tuesday.
It will be sad to leave where I am at now.  But it will be good to be in a new permanent position.  While I know what I am leaving and do not know what is on the other side I know in the end it will be better because I will no longer be a temporary employee.
I am blessed to have had to go through this.  It has made me a stronger person.  While I still need to pay things off I know I am on a better road.  I can achieve anything I want to.  Things sometimes happen for a reason.  I have made my mistakes over the past 2 and a half years but I have grown and learned a lot.
While 2015 has gotten better it looks like 2016 will be even better.  Good things happen to those who go out and go for things and have faith that it will work out.
I cannot wait to see how the new job is and what is in store for me in 2016.  Until next time, later peeps.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Underachieving Christmas Letter

It has been an interesting year.  All the kids and creatures are doing wonderfully.  They are all out of the house and living is some type of house structure or in a matchbook.

Billy Bob is slowly coming out of hiding and showing up in pictures.  He’s thinking of going into standup and going on tour.  He is tired of being locked up in a purse or left somewhere.  His sister Ursula has felt the need to go to Alaska and open an Orange Farm.  She thinks it will be very successful because it is costly to ship fresh Turnips and Brussel Sprouts there.   Her Financial Accounting Doctorate will be useful in this field.  The twins Agnes and Augustus are going to Antarctica to raise Butterflies and Roses.  They want to spread some color in an area that is so white.   They will take online classes to learn how to do hair and car repairs so they can add that service to the area.  Both services are very much in demand in the area amongst the penguins and seals.

Since completing the 4th grade, Buck the Golden Retriever, he runs a fish grooming business on Mars.  He has become very busy and has a lot of clients.  He has a nice house on the dark side of Mars and is very happy.  Skippy the Iguana is floating around space looking for space garbage to send back to other planets for recycling.  He has found a lot of garbage but not a lot of places to take it to recycle.  So he’s thinking about changing his colors and doing something else.

As for me, I’m working a full time normal job and trying to keep circus of kids and creatures away from fuzzy bunnies and the chairs.  I have recently purchased a dirt farm so I place to retire to and run in my purple years.  I am looking forward to being able to grow some dirt and supply the universe with it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The thoughts that pop into my head

Bungee jumping equals lemon shakeups and milk shakes. 

If you wanted someone to work better and harder then pay better. 

Good thing about having an elephant in your house making a mess he can also clean it up by knocking it down. 

Monkeys and Butterflies

Purple monkeys running all through the fields

Chasing lime green butterflies

Oh what fun this is says the monkeys

When we chase the butterflies and we can play

Play on the slides, swings, and in the trees

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas brings out the slobs and the cranky people

I have worked retail before but nothing like working at a major department store.  I worked in a video store which is way slower and smaller than stores like Macy's or Kohl's.  A lot of the people that come into the major stores are slobs.  You can be folding a table of clothes and be 95% done and people will look at the shirts, pick them up, and just put them down without a thought of how they found it.  I get that they are in a hurry and it's a busy time of year.  But come on, a lot of people will put things back the way they found them.  These are the people were taught to pick up after themselves.  The others, aka the messy jackasses they must have missed the memo about cleaning up after themselves.

It's a whole new view on working like this.  Not to mention that not of my fellow employees are great at straightening things up.  For the most part the store looks good.  But I'll find a pile of stocks under the sock rack.  Yes, it is Christmas time but there needs to be 50 more people hired to deal with it all.

So, all you shoppers loose the attitude and don't make disasters in the stores.  If you cannot then the Elf on the Shelf will leave.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Elf on the Shelf and stores

I started working at a retail department store at the beginning of October.  For the past 2 months now I have had to look at Elf on the Shelf every time I go up the escalator.  I am like can i just push it down the escalator now and roll it somewhere else.  Hello people we have 2 more holidays to   through, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

If it needs to be out that soon then maybe it should have a Halloween outfit and a Thanksgiving outfit.  Because then maybe it wouldn't end up at the bottom of the escalator.  I can't tell if any of them sold.  If they did then they are multiplying like rabbits.  Maybe all the toys run around the store and make a mess.  It's either them or the slobs that shop.  Well whomever it is they are keeping me employed at the moment so keep at it.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Life has been not so blonde lately

Lately, life hasn't been so blonde.  I have been working multiple jobs and trying to remember what day it is and where I'm supposed to be.

Today at work, they put out wrapping paper for us to take.  So I took 10 rolls thinking I'll find a use for it.  Yea right it's wrapping paper with a beer logo on it.  That will work great at Christmas.  Heck, who am I, kidding I'll use it because it's a step up from using a Meijer or Target bag to wrap my presents.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The funny in almost all situations

Whether it's positive or negative there's usually something funny in just about any situation. If not then I just have a weird sense of humor. There's one person I know who will say things out loud and when someone answers she's always surprised and is like I was just talking out loud. So after a few times of this, the group of us just stopped saying anything. Then she gets a little pissed when she says something and no one answers. She's like I was waiting to know something. Then we are like well we weren't sure if you were talking to yourself or us. I just chuckle at these things. If I don't then I'll go crazy. I'm already blonde don't need crazy added to the list and I mean blonde in a good way.

My very good friend's fiancée passed away about 6 years ago. While at the funeral service, her fiancee's 5 year old nephew passed gas during a very quiet moment. Then you hear a few chuckles from people. After the service people were talking and chuckling about it. It lightened the mood for a few moments.

Of course there's the one team lead that doesn't read her emails before delegating the work to others, because if she reads them she might as well do it. Ummmm, then how do you know what your team is working on. Not to mention how do you know you are not creating double work for the group? For example there were 2 emails about 2 separate orders that were going to the same person but with different addresses and she sends them to 2 different people. The person it is going to is no longer with the company. Ok let's have 2 people start emailing and calling to see where the orders should be going. Use your group wisely and we will shine. If not we look bad then you look bad. Something funny may or may not come from this one. But I moved on from it.

I was thinking about how some people get hazardous pay because they work with hazardous materials. Why don't we get attitude pay, more like bad attitude/negative attitude pay? It takes a lot of energy to deal with those types of people. When you are happy and positive life is so much easier. I�m not talking about the 1-2 moments a month where everybody gets crabby or has a bad attitude. We are human after all. I'm talking about the ones who are nasty all the time. It's like they thrive on take the joy out of other's lives.

I figure I'll keep looking for the positive/funny things in every situation. It will help me stay positive and focused on myself and my journey.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Zoo with the friend and the nephews

So I'm the one without kids and I go with a friend and our nephews to the zoo.  My friend also doesn't have kids so it makes for an interesting day.  

We had a 5 year old and a 2 year old plus a stroller and a wagon.  Who brings that much crap to the zoo.  We do and not sure why,  Oh wait my friend gave in and got the wagon.  Half the time I'm chasing 2 kids and  pulling and pushing the wagon and stroller.  The other half I'm trying to control the kids pushing and pulling the stroller and wagon.  Not an easy task for a 44 year old who is with her friend who has no clue what is going on.  Like walking in a shop and forgetting I'm right behind him with a stroller.  Hello, hold the door.  Yep, it's been like that for the past 20 plus years.

When I wasn't chasing both I was with the 2 year old, while he was talking about all the trash cans over the zoo and wanting to be in the wagon.  That kid liked the trash cans and wagon the best out of all the animals at the zoo.  What the heck kid there a ton of animals and you'd rather throw out my water bottle that's half full.  I;ms just glad he wasn't trying to throw my water bottle in the monkey cage.

But it was fun and the kids won't remember that it was warm out and they ate cheerios and ice cream for lunch.  They will remember the trash cans, the wagon, and all the running we did over the zoo.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Slap the stupid people or have ballon head

Since I have mutliple things going on, I run into a lot of different types of people. Lately it has been stupid people. Some days it's so bad I feel like my head is a ballon since I cannot slap them. 

Some people will still there and talk to their computer screen and when someone doesn't realize it and answers them they are like oh I said that out loud. Then when they actually need an answer no one answers them. Hello people don't talk to yourself and we may answer when you are talking for real. 

Then there are the shopping carts in the parking lot. People is it so hard to push the cart all the way into the cart carrol. It must be, becaus you left it sitting right in front it. I then walked 10 feet to push it all the way in so it wouldn't roll and hit someone's car. People like you are too stupid to shop so please stay home. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer of Work

Yes, this has been a summer of work and little fun.  Oh and maybe dealing with stupid people.  Some days I wonder if I went from the blonde life to the stupid life.  Things like people not understanding dye lots, not knowing how to run a vendor event, to anything else one can think of like not using a turn signal.  Oh, lets not mention the one where I cannot make the bed because the corners of the bed are too heavy for me to lift to get the sheets tucked under.

I seriously think someone switched my life and I didn't know it.  I feel like people have lost all common sense and turned into idiots.  I'm sure this will turn out some comedic stories at some point.  It better happen soon because this is getting like the stairs at work, way too much work.  Because I have to keep my mouth shut and not say things like "what are you stupid?"

Of course there has been a boat sitting near the railroad tracks that are near my house.  My boyfriend and I are trying to figure if someone tried to take the boat down the tracks.  The funny thing is that it is not on a trailer and it looks like the back part of it is missing.  So yea, it's been there a week and still sitting there.  I mean really is anyone missing a boat that thinks it's a train.  Maybe it was the caboose.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Middle aged...ummmm maybe

Yea so the 2 shows I have been watching the past 2 weeks are Big Brother on CBS and Grace and Frankie on Netflicks.  Most of the people on Big Brother range in age from early 20's to early 30s.  then Grace and Frankie are geared to older people.  The 2 main characters are 70.  Ok I am 44 and don't feel like it.  I enjoy both shows on different levels.  I just chuckle and giggle at Grace and Frankie.  Then I get sucked into the drama of Big Brother.

Yes, one show is fictional and the other is a reality show.  Both shows are probably not geared towards my age group but I watch what I want and enjoy it.  Imagine of both shows combined.  Old people in a house with no communication with the outside world.  There'd be no drama and they'd be talking about their depends and the good old days with no TV.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Moving on

Oh yea I am moving on from all the bullshit in the news and in my personal life.  I need to worry about the important things.  If you all want to see my happy blonde persona then fine you call me.  Yes, sometimes I tell it how it is.  But it is the truth.  Like the lack of information in your texts.  I invite you to something say no thank you we have plans.  You think I am going to be here forever.  I got news for you.  I will move on and still have my wonderful life with or without you.  I like being goofy and if you cannot accept that then your loss not mine.  I cannot be serious all the time.

I am done with all the fake people and always calling when they want something.  News flash call the people you talk to all the time.  They are the ones you want to hang with.  I am ok with that.  Just remember when I am out making the comedy tour rounds I will still use all of you in my act because we do have funny shit that happened while we all hung out.  So get over it.  That's the only way you'll have connection with me.

My rant is off.  Now its time for me and Billy Bob to watch the Big Brother live feeds.

Oh mylanta.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Big Brother starts next week

Starting next week my life will be consumed by big brother.  Not sure how well that will work with a job since I watch the live feeds.  I'm sure I'll fit it in like I have in the past.  Then the cousin will be texting me none stop all summer.  Which is fine and we usually have a blast all summer.

I tend to hang at the cousins house a lot during the summer.  It will be a blast.  Good thing I start work at 9 and get off at 5:30.  Lunch will be consumed by live feeds and selfies with the TV during the live eviction like last summer.

Oh how I love summer.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The blonde of all trades

So I finally landed myself a pretty steady job.  It's a temp to perm position.  They said I'd go perm in 90 days but from what I have heard from the employees that were temp to perm it too 1-2 years.  I am ok with that because it's a steady job.  Plus, I will be able to get medical benefits and paid holidays.

While I am still selling Gold Canyon Candles I decided to try Tastefully Simple.  People always need to eat. So now I sell that along with candles and of course Origami Owl.  While it may seem like a lot it't not.  I can do different events with different companies.  The candles I have found don't so as well of jewelry or food.  But I do have quite a few loyal candle customers.

Plus throw in the event listing site All Things Vendor Events and I'm fully booked.  Go me.  Better to be busy then ideal.  I do enjoy everything I do and wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Animal free

It has been a few months since the last cat when to the rainbow bridge. After having a cat since I was 5 it's a little strange not to have one. While I didn't have to change the litter box until I was a teenager it still takes a lot of getting used to. Having cats for 39 years is a long time. 

At times I think I still hear them. A friend just asked if I knew anyone who wanted 2 cats because she knew someone who has 2 to get rid of. I said no because it was too hard when the last one passed. 

Maybe one day I'll get another one. But until then I'll enjoy other people's pets. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The 90th Party

So after a few months of planning my grandpa's 90th birthday party is finally over.  I was not the only one involved.  Other family members were involved in printing the invitations, getting the RVSPs, and putting together the party favors.  I did some organizing and making a photo DVD.

There were about 230 people that attended and everybody had a good time.  Seeing old friends and distant family members is always great.  I wish I could see them more often but everybody is busy with work, kids, and life.  So I cherish the times when I can see them

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The joys and stupidity of reality TV

So I get sucked into a whole of insane reality shows.  From Big Brother to 19 kids and Counting to Shahs of Sunset to name a few.  It's like watching high school kids in a frat house that has religious kids running around.

Some of the shows are just so comical, like Shahs of Sunset.  I'm sure there are grown ass adults who are filthy rich but do they really live off of their parents and never work a day.  You never see them laying around watching themselves on TV.  No they are shopping or drinking somewhere.  Not to mention it's all high school drama.  Crap all that fooling around with everyone happened back when I was in high school.  Makes me wonder if they ever went to high school or just saved the drama for their adult ass lives.

Nineteen kids, really.  For me that's insane but whatever makes them happy to help raise all the kids.  I just cannot imagine changing all those diapers.  It's like you change diapers and feed babies for 20 years.  Really who wants to be tied down like that.

It's not like you actually see real life on TV unless you are watching the news. There is no show with me on it with my struggles of finding a job, loosing weight or just being a goofy blonde.
I'm sure I will keep watching these shows and being sucked into not so reality TV.  But it does add some comic relief.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 2 of the new job and other stuff

Today was day 2 of the job.  So far I really enjoy it and the people are all nice.  I think this was the best job decision of all the jobs I had interviews for.  I know I will be able to learn and I know I will bring something to them.  I cannot wait to see what the days, weeks, and months bring in this job.

While I am working on finding my own footing it seems like reality throws a wrench in the mix.  Family members get sick and while I am sympathetic to it all I also live in reality and don't always show the sympathetic side of me.  But sometimes that is what people need in a time of need.  It is hard to face reality and I am usually a ball of emotions and the timing isn't always right.   But those who truly know me know that deep down I not a mean hearted person or a bitch.  Rather a person who has multiple sides.  Not all may like it but I cannot run to everybody's side to help.  I can pass on what knowledge I have and go on.

The next week and a half will be spent getting ready for my grandpa's 90th birthday.  It will be a lot of fun and he will be surprised with some things I have planned at the party.  He does know about the party and he is looking forward to it.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Oh yea back in the game

So out of all the interviews on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday(there were 4), I get the temporary to permanent position that I interview for on Tuesday.  While the manager did the majority of the talking, I must have made a great impression because I got it.  Now I could waited to see if I was offered anything from the interview the day before because money wise it could have been better, I felt the 1 on Tuesday was a better fit for me as far as company culture.

Both would have been fast past and both you need to be detailed orientated in I just felt this company was better suited.  It's family owned and all the employees were awesome.  So I have a temp to perm postion and in about 90 days if it all works out I'll be permanent.  Money will be tight but there are a few times a year when theres overtime so I will make it ok.

Friday, March 27, 2015

The highest and lowest point

This past week has had it's lowest and highest points.  Last Friday I had to put my cat down.  She was 18 years old and had either a stroke or a blood clot that became loose and went to her brain.  She couldn't walk and there was something going in with her brain.

So while I was trying to look for a job this happens and sends me further into a negative mind set.  So  I start go out a few times over the weekend and hang out with friends.  This did perk me up.  Then comes Monday evening and I get a call from the one staffing agency and they have a temporary receptionist job on Tuesday.  They said it could be for 1 day or it could go until Friday.  Well, I get called back Wednesday and Thursday.  They wanted me for today(Friday) but I had a job interview.  So on Thursday I had a phone interview that the agency set up with me.  Turns out the company wants to do a face to face interview.  I also get a call from another recruiter at the same agency to say a project I finished on March 10 wants me back on a part time basis.  It seems that I am popular.

At this time I feel really good and positive.  I have a part time job and a few interviews set up for permanent and temporary to permanent position.  So things are looking more positive and I am much happier.

Things always have a way of working out.  Just give it time and reach out when you need help.  As well as hanging with positive people.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When one door closes another opens

While the agency didn't know that my assignment was ending, I found out on Tuesday with an hour left of the day. I called them and found that the same company I was doing a project on needed an admissions admin in another department.  So they sent my resume over today and I have an interview. 

I also contacted some other agencies to get the ball running witht them too. I need to have all the people looking while I'm looking too. The more the merrier. 

Yes, it's hard to keep going through this but I have to stay positive so I can stay focused. I pray, hope, and apply to everything I can. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Yet another Direct Sales company

I love all things about about direct sales companies.  I have tried quite a few and have stuck with 2 so far.  I love both Gold Canyon Candles and Origami Owl Jewelry.  But I had to add another one.  I added For Tails Only.  While to some it may seem like I am not dedicated to any one company, in reality that is not the case.  I love everything about each company and I can do each one equally.  Its like the stores we shop at they have multiple items they sell.  So as a consultant theres no reason why I cannot. Unlike the stores I only sell one type of jewelry, pet food, and candles.

With candles and jewelry once I get bigger team I will need to decide what company to sell.  At this time I am not close but will continue working each one and see what happenss

So if you feel like shopping or are looking for something to sell, check them out and ask me any questions or concerns you have.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Flip flops and 43 degree weather

If you live in an area like Chicago where it's cold and snowy for 9 months  out of the year or something close to it, you think 43 is a heat wave. We are walking around with flip flops and shorts and a t-shirt. This occurs when we are coming out of a deep thaw and everybody realizes oh no summer/construction season is coming, break out the Mojitos. 

Of course it's only a heat wave when it's the end of winter. If it's fall the first day 43 degree day we have our snowsuits on and are covered head to toe. Walking around all stuff and barely moving we we have too many layers on. 

Then of course we adapt and as the winter goes on we don't need as many layers. Summer time everybody is barely wearing clothes. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Keep your crap off of Social Media

I don't get why people put all their negative junk on Facebook.  It's like everything little thing negative that happens to them everyday is on Facebook.  Then they want to unfriend everybody who isn't there for every little bad thing that heppens.  But when the bad things happen to someone else they are not there.  I say unfriend everybody on Facebook and in real life.  Then no bad things can happen to you.  From your post it's what you want anyway.  You don't need friends, what you need is a new attitude or a show on Lifetime so the entire world can see how much of a drama queen and negative nelly you are.

Those same negative nelly's complain when there are posting of happiness and postive sayings on Facebook.  They say how could your life be so perfect.  Are these people on crack?  No one's life is perfect.  But some people like me do not want to air all their dirty laundry on social media. If I wanted so much drama I could watch Lifetime and cry about my issues.  I put my big girl pants on and deal with it and move on.  The more positive I am the better life gets.  Postivity brings more positive and negativity brings more negativity.

So people put your big girl pants on realize that people are busy with their own life and cannot be there for every little thing in your life.  I for one will not give up my life and let it fall apart while I sit by your side every minute of your crappy ass life.  I will help and be there when I can.  But realize I have issues too and make the best of it.  If you do not understand then unfriend away and you will realize one day that life passed you by because you decided to be the dram queen of the centruy.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So many blonde moments

The past few weeks have been filled with so many blonde moments.  From getting off on the wrong floor when coming to work and getting off the wrong floor when leaving.  Not to mention turning off the heat when the tempture was in the single digits.  The list goes on too, from forgetting things to clear forgetting what I am talking about.

The elevator is the best when I get off the wrong floor when I come in.  I'll actually get off the elevator and walk to what I think is where my work area is only to realize that it's the wrong floor.  All the floors look excatly the same.  Of course there are floor numbers listed on the side of the elevator and it is announced that you are on Floor 3  By the time I hear the 3 'm off the elevator and walking to my work area and it still does't always register what floor I am on when I hear it.

I just chuckle to myself everytime it happens.  It's the best way to deal with the blonde that is me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just Rita

One of my vendor friends has a radio show on 24.7 The Stream.  The show is live on Mondays from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.  Past shows are also listed so you can go back and listen to shows that you missed. It's a show about empowering women and it is an awesome show.  She is truly an amazing person.  I always love when I get to do events with her because she is always positive and encouraging. Go check her out you won't regret it.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

What did I miss or what did you miss in the common sense field

Common sense seems to be a thing of the past.  Does coffee really need a warning label that it's hot.  Really what did I miss here?  Actually, what did you miss?

Fast food makes you fat when you eat it everyday for every meal.  What did you miss?

Cars come with a turn signal.  They come in handy when changing lanes. What did you miss?

It's a door you walk through it and keep walking. No walking in and stopping right away.  You will get bumped into.  What did you miss?

The entire parking lot is empty and you park next to me.  What did you miss?  Looks like all the other parking spots.

Oh, the cell phone costs $200 and you don't have a job.  What did you miss?

Saturday, February 7, 2015

It's my birthday month

A week into February I realized its my birthday month.  My birthday is actually on the 9th.  I tend to celebrate the whole month.  Why not?  I baked for 40 weeks so a day isn't enough to celebrate what is the essence of the One Blonde Brain Cell.  So I'm going to take the whole month and make it one big blonde party.  One day is not enough for anyone's birthday.  We all back for 40 weeks give or take.

So I will decorate my house and annoy the other half with all the streamer and balloons.  Then at the end of the month I will sit on all the balloons and try to pop them  Remember that game as a kid.  We all got a balloon and the first one to pop it won a prize.  What kind of game was that?  Were my parents too cheap to buy the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.  Even that game was cheap.

So in 2 days I will be 44.  Yes, I said 44.  No, I will not lie or try to lie about it.  It's the truth and I am proud of my age.  So to all those women who don't admit it or don't say because it's not lady like I say yell it from the rooftops.  We all can tell that your closer to 60 and not 29.  So suck it up and love it the age you are.

I will always be a lady.  Foul mouth at times and blonde at others but still a lady and I love it.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Blizzard of 2015 in Chicago

Ok the totals are in for the Chicagoland area and it was 19 inches of snow at O'hare airport.  This winter has been quiet calm compared to last year's Polar Vortex but its nothing to complain about.  Even before this hit I would hear from people on facbook and from my friends, "I'm done with winter".  Ok really you all live in the Midwest what did you think would happen during the winter.  Ok I admit driving it in can suck but don't do it if you cannot handle it.  Better yet move so you don't have to deal with it.  I'd rather live here than oh lets say Alaska or somethere colder like Greenland or Norway.

We all loved it as kids because we got to miss school and play in it.  Now as adults god forbid we get any. So get over all your whiney selves and enojoy is pretty to look at and just think how green eveything will be in the spring when it melts.  Move on you all are breathing so enjoy the snow.

I was out driving in on Sunday when it was really coming down.  Not the smartest but I also adjusted my driving for the weather and most people were off the roads.  I almost got stuck once but I worked through it and didn't have to have someone save me.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

8 days in and I survived

Eight days into the temporary job and I survived.  I sit in an office looking at 2 monitors comparing data.  While it can be mind numbing I think of everything and anything.  Like how it would be to have a camera crew following me around all the time.  Would it annoy me or my family more.  I'd tell them I don't care if you don't want to be on TV it's my life thats on TV.  Oh, wait you're a part of my life..hahahaha.  Suck it up and come for the ride.  It's either gonna be a bore or a dollar coaster ride.

There would be an occasional bleep of words.  Because they slip out of my mouth not my family's mouth.  The boring part would be when I'm at work.  It'd be like watching paint dry.  That could be spiced up if painting was done naked and there was sparkles added to the paint.

It just shows how warped my mind can be when I'm sitting in front of a computer comparing data.  The project goes for another month or so.  Let's see what else my mind wanders too much.  I do enjoy what I do.  But when I come home my eyes are crossed and I can't see straight.  Who needs to see straight when driving.  Being female it actually makes me drive somewhat normal.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The jobs are a rolling in

Ok I don't have job offers rolling in but the other half got a job that starts tomorrow.  So we are both working.

While I have a great family some of their ideas of helping are telling me to sell my car and get a new cheaper one.  I'm sitting there like how the heck is gonna happen.  I don't have steady income so I'll end up walking to work.  Right that will be wonderful walking 15 miles to work in January in Chicago. Hello I'll be a popsicle.  By the time I thaw it'll be time to walk home. But heck I'll loose some weight.  I can see it now the whole thing now.  Only because I have seen other people walking and they look frozen and blue.  Not to mention a few icicles hanging off their noses.

So nope keeping the car at least I'll be able to live in it and it has seat warmers, my butt will always be warm.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Start day tomorrow

Tomorrow is the start of the temporary job.  I had an interview today at a company that sells pools supplies.  Love the pool.  The interview went good and I should know something by Thursday about it.  They are looking to start a training class on Monday.  So of course I'm hoping for that position, because it's a permanent position with opportunities.

I'm going to keep looking for that position until I land the permanent one.  So tomorrow it will start back up and I will see what happens.  I have many plans in play so I can make sure I don't stop until I have it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Job Hunt Continues

That's right folks the job hunt continues.  I have a temporary job that starts on Wednesday and I have an interview for a permanent job tomorrow.  Seeing how I need a job with benefits and all that I am going on the interview.  I know I committed to working the temporary position but in the end I need to look out for myself.  Anything can happen so I'll go on the interview and start the temp position on Wednesday.  I am not guaranteed anything, so I do what I need to.

Some people have helped me during this search and others say they would but haven't.  Which is fine because in times like you find you truly cares about you.  I'm not looking for handouts, just a resume passed along.  I have some friends who asked me for my resume so they could pass it along.  I love that.  It shows that people still think of you even if you don't talk to them all the time.

By sticking together and helping others it makes the world a better place.  I know I have become a better person because of helping others.  So now back to the job boards because that perfect job isn't going to find me.  I have to find it.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The job hunt

Job hunting is not easy.  I have applied for at least 150+ jobs and I have gotten a few call backs.  Mostly from staffing agencies, which is ok.  The more people that have my resume the better.  I know that I will find a job and all my finical issues will be ok.  I have family that is willing to help me with money until I am back on my feet.  They understand that the job market hasn't been great but it is getting better.

It has been a learning experience.  From admitting that I need help finically to not hearing back from companies.  As much as it can get depressing it also has its good points.  I have friends and family asking for my resume and passing it along to their hiring managers.  Which shows that they believe I have some talent and skills that can help their company.  It doesn't guarantee me a job but it helps.  I appreciate it all.  I have in the past passed along agency information to friends who were looking.  It all helps.  We need to look out for each other and help when we can.

By helping others you are also helping yourself.  Everybody and different skills and employers react to everybody differently.  By showing you are willing to help someone else shows you are a team player and don't always think of yourself.  Not everybody is looking for the same job or has the same skills.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas drama

There is nothing like some Christmas drama.  The final celebration was yesterday January 3.  Of course there's 1 person who cannot be happy.  All over what her husband's grandchildren call her.  There are 4 and the oldest is 17 and they all call her by her first name.  Mind you she married into the family when my cousins and I were in our early 20's and then moved to another state for 15+ years so it's not like they were part of our daily-weekly-monthly lives. So to demand that the grandkids call you something other than by your first name is crazy.  It does not show lack of respect at all.  Plus the fact to expect me as a grown adult in my 40s to all off a sudden to call you aunt is also a little much.  Granted you have been married to my uncle since my early 20's it's not like I saw you at every holiday because we lived in different states.  So don't blame my uncles first wife for the kids not calling you anything but by your first name.  You say my cousins don't respect you.  How can they when their father stopped showing them respect when they were teenagers.  Maybe if you weren't so demanding and pushy you may have been called grandma.

This is my family so either suck donkey balls or don't come around.  I have no respect for either one of you because he's a drunk who told me I'd amount to nothing when I was 20.