Friday, March 27, 2015

The highest and lowest point

This past week has had it's lowest and highest points.  Last Friday I had to put my cat down.  She was 18 years old and had either a stroke or a blood clot that became loose and went to her brain.  She couldn't walk and there was something going in with her brain.

So while I was trying to look for a job this happens and sends me further into a negative mind set.  So  I start go out a few times over the weekend and hang out with friends.  This did perk me up.  Then comes Monday evening and I get a call from the one staffing agency and they have a temporary receptionist job on Tuesday.  They said it could be for 1 day or it could go until Friday.  Well, I get called back Wednesday and Thursday.  They wanted me for today(Friday) but I had a job interview.  So on Thursday I had a phone interview that the agency set up with me.  Turns out the company wants to do a face to face interview.  I also get a call from another recruiter at the same agency to say a project I finished on March 10 wants me back on a part time basis.  It seems that I am popular.

At this time I feel really good and positive.  I have a part time job and a few interviews set up for permanent and temporary to permanent position.  So things are looking more positive and I am much happier.

Things always have a way of working out.  Just give it time and reach out when you need help.  As well as hanging with positive people.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When one door closes another opens

While the agency didn't know that my assignment was ending, I found out on Tuesday with an hour left of the day. I called them and found that the same company I was doing a project on needed an admissions admin in another department.  So they sent my resume over today and I have an interview. 

I also contacted some other agencies to get the ball running witht them too. I need to have all the people looking while I'm looking too. The more the merrier. 

Yes, it's hard to keep going through this but I have to stay positive so I can stay focused. I pray, hope, and apply to everything I can. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Yet another Direct Sales company

I love all things about about direct sales companies.  I have tried quite a few and have stuck with 2 so far.  I love both Gold Canyon Candles and Origami Owl Jewelry.  But I had to add another one.  I added For Tails Only.  While to some it may seem like I am not dedicated to any one company, in reality that is not the case.  I love everything about each company and I can do each one equally.  Its like the stores we shop at they have multiple items they sell.  So as a consultant theres no reason why I cannot. Unlike the stores I only sell one type of jewelry, pet food, and candles.

With candles and jewelry once I get bigger team I will need to decide what company to sell.  At this time I am not close but will continue working each one and see what happenss

So if you feel like shopping or are looking for something to sell, check them out and ask me any questions or concerns you have.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Flip flops and 43 degree weather

If you live in an area like Chicago where it's cold and snowy for 9 months  out of the year or something close to it, you think 43 is a heat wave. We are walking around with flip flops and shorts and a t-shirt. This occurs when we are coming out of a deep thaw and everybody realizes oh no summer/construction season is coming, break out the Mojitos. 

Of course it's only a heat wave when it's the end of winter. If it's fall the first day 43 degree day we have our snowsuits on and are covered head to toe. Walking around all stuff and barely moving we we have too many layers on. 

Then of course we adapt and as the winter goes on we don't need as many layers. Summer time everybody is barely wearing clothes. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Keep your crap off of Social Media

I don't get why people put all their negative junk on Facebook.  It's like everything little thing negative that happens to them everyday is on Facebook.  Then they want to unfriend everybody who isn't there for every little bad thing that heppens.  But when the bad things happen to someone else they are not there.  I say unfriend everybody on Facebook and in real life.  Then no bad things can happen to you.  From your post it's what you want anyway.  You don't need friends, what you need is a new attitude or a show on Lifetime so the entire world can see how much of a drama queen and negative nelly you are.

Those same negative nelly's complain when there are posting of happiness and postive sayings on Facebook.  They say how could your life be so perfect.  Are these people on crack?  No one's life is perfect.  But some people like me do not want to air all their dirty laundry on social media. If I wanted so much drama I could watch Lifetime and cry about my issues.  I put my big girl pants on and deal with it and move on.  The more positive I am the better life gets.  Postivity brings more positive and negativity brings more negativity.

So people put your big girl pants on realize that people are busy with their own life and cannot be there for every little thing in your life.  I for one will not give up my life and let it fall apart while I sit by your side every minute of your crappy ass life.  I will help and be there when I can.  But realize I have issues too and make the best of it.  If you do not understand then unfriend away and you will realize one day that life passed you by because you decided to be the dram queen of the centruy.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So many blonde moments

The past few weeks have been filled with so many blonde moments.  From getting off on the wrong floor when coming to work and getting off the wrong floor when leaving.  Not to mention turning off the heat when the tempture was in the single digits.  The list goes on too, from forgetting things to clear forgetting what I am talking about.

The elevator is the best when I get off the wrong floor when I come in.  I'll actually get off the elevator and walk to what I think is where my work area is only to realize that it's the wrong floor.  All the floors look excatly the same.  Of course there are floor numbers listed on the side of the elevator and it is announced that you are on Floor 3  By the time I hear the 3 'm off the elevator and walking to my work area and it still does't always register what floor I am on when I hear it.

I just chuckle to myself everytime it happens.  It's the best way to deal with the blonde that is me.