Friday, March 6, 2015

Keep your crap off of Social Media

I don't get why people put all their negative junk on Facebook.  It's like everything little thing negative that happens to them everyday is on Facebook.  Then they want to unfriend everybody who isn't there for every little bad thing that heppens.  But when the bad things happen to someone else they are not there.  I say unfriend everybody on Facebook and in real life.  Then no bad things can happen to you.  From your post it's what you want anyway.  You don't need friends, what you need is a new attitude or a show on Lifetime so the entire world can see how much of a drama queen and negative nelly you are.

Those same negative nelly's complain when there are posting of happiness and postive sayings on Facebook.  They say how could your life be so perfect.  Are these people on crack?  No one's life is perfect.  But some people like me do not want to air all their dirty laundry on social media. If I wanted so much drama I could watch Lifetime and cry about my issues.  I put my big girl pants on and deal with it and move on.  The more positive I am the better life gets.  Postivity brings more positive and negativity brings more negativity.

So people put your big girl pants on realize that people are busy with their own life and cannot be there for every little thing in your life.  I for one will not give up my life and let it fall apart while I sit by your side every minute of your crappy ass life.  I will help and be there when I can.  But realize I have issues too and make the best of it.  If you do not understand then unfriend away and you will realize one day that life passed you by because you decided to be the dram queen of the centruy.


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