Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Elf on the Shelf and stores

I started working at a retail department store at the beginning of October.  For the past 2 months now I have had to look at Elf on the Shelf every time I go up the escalator.  I am like can i just push it down the escalator now and roll it somewhere else.  Hello people we have 2 more holidays to   through, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

If it needs to be out that soon then maybe it should have a Halloween outfit and a Thanksgiving outfit.  Because then maybe it wouldn't end up at the bottom of the escalator.  I can't tell if any of them sold.  If they did then they are multiplying like rabbits.  Maybe all the toys run around the store and make a mess.  It's either them or the slobs that shop.  Well whomever it is they are keeping me employed at the moment so keep at it.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Life has been not so blonde lately

Lately, life hasn't been so blonde.  I have been working multiple jobs and trying to remember what day it is and where I'm supposed to be.

Today at work, they put out wrapping paper for us to take.  So I took 10 rolls thinking I'll find a use for it.  Yea right it's wrapping paper with a beer logo on it.  That will work great at Christmas.  Heck, who am I, kidding I'll use it because it's a step up from using a Meijer or Target bag to wrap my presents.