Monday, January 26, 2015

The jobs are a rolling in

Ok I don't have job offers rolling in but the other half got a job that starts tomorrow.  So we are both working.

While I have a great family some of their ideas of helping are telling me to sell my car and get a new cheaper one.  I'm sitting there like how the heck is gonna happen.  I don't have steady income so I'll end up walking to work.  Right that will be wonderful walking 15 miles to work in January in Chicago. Hello I'll be a popsicle.  By the time I thaw it'll be time to walk home. But heck I'll loose some weight.  I can see it now the whole thing now.  Only because I have seen other people walking and they look frozen and blue.  Not to mention a few icicles hanging off their noses.

So nope keeping the car at least I'll be able to live in it and it has seat warmers, my butt will always be warm.

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