Saturday, January 10, 2015

The job hunt

Job hunting is not easy.  I have applied for at least 150+ jobs and I have gotten a few call backs.  Mostly from staffing agencies, which is ok.  The more people that have my resume the better.  I know that I will find a job and all my finical issues will be ok.  I have family that is willing to help me with money until I am back on my feet.  They understand that the job market hasn't been great but it is getting better.

It has been a learning experience.  From admitting that I need help finically to not hearing back from companies.  As much as it can get depressing it also has its good points.  I have friends and family asking for my resume and passing it along to their hiring managers.  Which shows that they believe I have some talent and skills that can help their company.  It doesn't guarantee me a job but it helps.  I appreciate it all.  I have in the past passed along agency information to friends who were looking.  It all helps.  We need to look out for each other and help when we can.

By helping others you are also helping yourself.  Everybody and different skills and employers react to everybody differently.  By showing you are willing to help someone else shows you are a team player and don't always think of yourself.  Not everybody is looking for the same job or has the same skills.

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