Monday, March 9, 2015

Yet another Direct Sales company

I love all things about about direct sales companies.  I have tried quite a few and have stuck with 2 so far.  I love both Gold Canyon Candles and Origami Owl Jewelry.  But I had to add another one.  I added For Tails Only.  While to some it may seem like I am not dedicated to any one company, in reality that is not the case.  I love everything about each company and I can do each one equally.  Its like the stores we shop at they have multiple items they sell.  So as a consultant theres no reason why I cannot. Unlike the stores I only sell one type of jewelry, pet food, and candles.

With candles and jewelry once I get bigger team I will need to decide what company to sell.  At this time I am not close but will continue working each one and see what happenss

So if you feel like shopping or are looking for something to sell, check them out and ask me any questions or concerns you have.

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