Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas brings out the slobs and the cranky people

I have worked retail before but nothing like working at a major department store.  I worked in a video store which is way slower and smaller than stores like Macy's or Kohl's.  A lot of the people that come into the major stores are slobs.  You can be folding a table of clothes and be 95% done and people will look at the shirts, pick them up, and just put them down without a thought of how they found it.  I get that they are in a hurry and it's a busy time of year.  But come on, a lot of people will put things back the way they found them.  These are the people were taught to pick up after themselves.  The others, aka the messy jackasses they must have missed the memo about cleaning up after themselves.

It's a whole new view on working like this.  Not to mention that not of my fellow employees are great at straightening things up.  For the most part the store looks good.  But I'll find a pile of stocks under the sock rack.  Yes, it is Christmas time but there needs to be 50 more people hired to deal with it all.

So, all you shoppers loose the attitude and don't make disasters in the stores.  If you cannot then the Elf on the Shelf will leave.

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