Sunday, March 8, 2015

Flip flops and 43 degree weather

If you live in an area like Chicago where it's cold and snowy for 9 months  out of the year or something close to it, you think 43 is a heat wave. We are walking around with flip flops and shorts and a t-shirt. This occurs when we are coming out of a deep thaw and everybody realizes oh no summer/construction season is coming, break out the Mojitos. 

Of course it's only a heat wave when it's the end of winter. If it's fall the first day 43 degree day we have our snowsuits on and are covered head to toe. Walking around all stuff and barely moving we we have too many layers on. 

Then of course we adapt and as the winter goes on we don't need as many layers. Summer time everybody is barely wearing clothes. 

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