Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Late nights, Early mornings

I have been staying up way to late.  Earliest has been 11 pm.  Not good since I am up at 5 am to be at my friends house at 6 am to watch her son.  He is a cutie and all he does is sleep, eat, poop and giggle.  Oh, not to mention throwing up on me and then peeing on the bed.  Yep,  I completely forgot what happens when you change a baby boys diaper and don't cover him up right away.  How could the motherless 42 year old remember that one?

I also think he sneaks out and gets Taco Bell.  I think at 9 weeks he starts up his stroller and gets some Taco Bell to go with his night out of taking shots of formula.  Some of those diapers could make a whales eyes water with the smell.  Who knew that a baby that small could smell that bad that the whole city of Chicago can smell it.

He is a cutie and I wouldn't change anything.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Survival of Drivers Ed student

Yep.  I have survived the teenager drivers ed student.  My cousins son has started driving lessons.  He was so nervous that he wanted to borrow my football equipment I was wearing to protect myself in the passenger seat.  I could not beat to share so I let him use my tennis equipment.  Which consisted of a tennis racket and a pack of tennis balls.

Other then giving driving lessons I have been busy going to candle events and watching my friends baby.  He wants driving lessons too.  But I told him that using stilts wasn't an option for driving so i gave him a stack of encyclopedias.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Billy Bob's return

Billy Bob has made a return. He has returned from his trip to the Grand Canyon and Disney World.  Not sure if he paid for a ticket or not.