Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The joys and stupidity of reality TV

So I get sucked into a whole of insane reality shows.  From Big Brother to 19 kids and Counting to Shahs of Sunset to name a few.  It's like watching high school kids in a frat house that has religious kids running around.

Some of the shows are just so comical, like Shahs of Sunset.  I'm sure there are grown ass adults who are filthy rich but do they really live off of their parents and never work a day.  You never see them laying around watching themselves on TV.  No they are shopping or drinking somewhere.  Not to mention it's all high school drama.  Crap all that fooling around with everyone happened back when I was in high school.  Makes me wonder if they ever went to high school or just saved the drama for their adult ass lives.

Nineteen kids, really.  For me that's insane but whatever makes them happy to help raise all the kids.  I just cannot imagine changing all those diapers.  It's like you change diapers and feed babies for 20 years.  Really who wants to be tied down like that.

It's not like you actually see real life on TV unless you are watching the news. There is no show with me on it with my struggles of finding a job, loosing weight or just being a goofy blonde.
I'm sure I will keep watching these shows and being sucked into not so reality TV.  But it does add some comic relief.

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