Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Easter Letter the sequel to the Christmas Letter of 2015

Since Christmas Billy Bob went back into hiding after his comedy tour.  Ursula, his sister has been Alaska growing oranges and hasn't had a crop yet because the snow is still on the ground.

The twins Agnes and Augustus are in Antarctica raising Butterflies and Roses.  There has been some color in the area now and the penguins and seals are loving it.

Buck the Golden Retriever, is still running a fish grooming business on Mars.  He has a lot of new clients and has had to hire a fish to help him groom.  Skippy the Iguana is still floating around space looking for space garbage to send back to other planets for recycling.  He hasn't given up on his recycling space garbage dream yet.

As for me, I’m working a full time normal job and trying to keep circus of kids and creatures away from fuzzy bunnies and the chairs.  The dirt farm is taking off and I'm starting to make a profit so I'll have some retirement money coming in during the purple years.

So we are all off to a good start of 2016. Until the next holiday letter I hope you've lots of dreams and rainbows in your life.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The politics and reality TV

I am beginning to think that I need to vote for a reality TV star for president.  The level of mud slinging in the political arena is getting as bad as what it on any of the Real House Wives, Teen Mom, Mob Wives....I could go on but you get the picture.

I think we should get rid of the Electoral college and have a candidate evicted each week until there is one standing, like on Big Brother.   Picture it now, Trump and Clinton in the backyard doing some game to win head of household.  Trump wins by getting the most slime balls.  Then he nominates people to put up for eviction, like Sanders and Carson.  They state why they want to stay in the race and all the other candidates vote for which one to stay.  The vote happens and Sanders is evicted.   One day Zingbot shows up in the house and start zinging them all.  Saying that Hilary sent emails  to the universe and that Trump built a wall to keep the fish from leaving the ocean.