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Friday, August 28, 2015

Slap the stupid people or have ballon head

Since I have mutliple things going on, I run into a lot of different types of people. Lately it has been stupid people. Some days it's so bad I feel like my head is a ballon since I cannot slap them. 

Some people will still there and talk to their computer screen and when someone doesn't realize it and answers them they are like oh I said that out loud. Then when they actually need an answer no one answers them. Hello people don't talk to yourself and we may answer when you are talking for real. 

Then there are the shopping carts in the parking lot. People is it so hard to push the cart all the way into the cart carrol. It must be, becaus you left it sitting right in front it. I then walked 10 feet to push it all the way in so it wouldn't roll and hit someone's car. People like you are too stupid to shop so please stay home. 

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