Sunday, September 30, 2012

Email, twitter and the rest of the anti social technology

I feel that sometimes I sound like I'm stupid when having a conversation on email or text. It's like the message gets all mixed up and people get more pissed then when talking face to face. It is like we are losing our ability to actually speak.

Yea I don't think I'll shut down anything. I think I'll just limit my time.

I am tempted to shut down my Facebook, twitter and my texting. Just so people get the real meaning of what I'm saying and I'm getting what they are saying.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The actually gave you a license???

I am beginning to realize that people did not take drivers education. I see people not using turn signals and crossing the solid line. I wonder if they buy cars with no turn signals. Wait no they didn't take drivers education. That has to be it.

Is really do hard to use a turn signal? It's not like you have to use a ton of energy to do it. These people are the same ones that I see racing up to cut into the line of cars waiting to get off the highway or getting on. How am I suppose to know what you want to do if your sitting there counting butterflies with no turn signal on. And don't look at me like I'm mean, I don't read minds. But I do see turn signals.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Butterflies and aisles

I wonder some days if people who stop in an aisle or pathway are counting or looking for butterflies. I mean really do they walk into a grocery store stop, look for the butterflies then realize "duh I'm in a grocery store. Maybe I should shop while I'm here." It's like the lightbulb went off above their head and they have a blank stare on their face when it does.

They could be walking on the sidewalk in the middle of winter and stop and look around. Like a butterfly is going to suddenly appear. Hello do you see the snow?

So either stop counting butterflies or move over to the side. The rest of us are not and would like to get through.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bliss Woods in Sugar Grove Illinois

Here are 3 pictures I took with my phone when we went for a peaceful walk today. This is one of our favorite places to walk and enjoy the woods and nature. I did take some with my can camera I just have not loaded them since we just got home.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Did I really think a bike ride was good during a wind storm?

It was pretty windy earlier today and I went for a bike ride. The whole time I was like really whose idea was this. Seriously with this wind, a bike ride is not a good idea. Then it dawned on me that it was my idea. Duh. What was I thinking? I mean really the wind was blowing the leaves on the trees pretty hard that I thought they were going to blow off. Ok maybe not that hard. But it felt like it.

I could say I was glad I did it but it would be the truth. Next time I'll wait until it is not so windy.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Madonna concert Chicago 9/19/2012

I went to the Madonna concert last night. It was my third time seeing her and probably my last. The show was ok. I thought the last 2 tours were a lot better.

She had a pretty good playlist from that past to now. The one thing I could do without is the political comments from her when she's on stage. I am there to hear her sing and perform. Not to hear her political views. She is entitled to them but I do not feel a concert is the place to talk about them.

The other thing was that she didn't go on until after 10 pm. I paid a lot of money for my ticket and I expected and opening act. But the opening act came on at 8:30 and was onstage for 90 or so minutes. Why do they put the time on the ticket for 8:00 when no one starts on time.

I am glad I went and still managed to have fun. Will I do it again? Probably not.

I even went there myself. No one else I knew could afford the ticket. In a setting like that I doubt anyone even noticed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My blonde moments and honesty

Yes I do blonde things. I think it's because I have conditioned myself to do them. Sometimes there are a lot of them and other times not so much. But I get laughs when I do them. That makes me feel good.

Yes there are times when I am too honest and it has come to bite me in the butt. I do hold back at times. Others I need to get it out and vent about it. That is me. If someone thinks they know me and does not realize this thing about me then they really do not know me.

I have put too many personal stories out there when talking to people. This is also another part of me. Some people can relate to my stories and others not so much.

All in all I like me and that's all that matters.

Monday, September 17, 2012

My cousins bday

Yep today is my oldest cousins birthday. We always joke that it was more fun when it was the 2 of us. We are 16 months apart and our siblings were born 2 years after me. She has a sister and I have a brother. The 4 of us spent so much time together growing up that most of the time I think we forgot we were cousins.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The weekend

The weekend was pretty busy, but wonderful. I met with my down line and gave her some stuff to help her with her candle business. Then it was on to working on my friends wedding programs. To finish my Saturday it was going shopping for coffee cakes and cookies.

On Sunday it was a busy morning at church. I did the treats for fellowship hour at church and then breakfast with my grandpa. I then came home and got in a bike ride.

These are the weekends where I feel more like myself than ever. No matter how spacey or blonde I am.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anderson Japanese Garden

Here are some pictures I took when we went to Anderson Japanese Garden in Rockford, IL.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yep! The ladies need a sign in the bathroom

That's right. The women in my office need bathroom rules.

Yes I signed my family up for fellowship hour

When I was at the social ministry meeting I signed my grandfather and I up for fellowship hour at church. So this coming Sunday we have to make coffee and being in sweets. My grandfather will make my grandmothers shortbread. I'll buy some cookies and coffee cake.

Then I started thinking what have I gotten myself into. I don't normally serve anything as I am not domestic. This could be either be a comedy show or something horrific. My guess it'll be very comical.

Let's just hope this non-coffee drinker can actually make the coffee

Monday, September 3, 2012

In my mind I'm funny

In my mind I'm very funny. Of course I usually get so involved in telling a story that my hands start waving all over the place and I'm adding sound affects. Not to mention facial expressions. So yea it pretty much looks like I'm Animal from the muppets. But at least I enjoy it.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Exciting week and a little mud

This has been an exciting few weeks. I signed one person up to sell candles. Then tonight I signed up someone under me for Melaleuca. All it takes is some work and a little confidence. The more I talk about either one my confidence builds.

Of course we had an adventure on Saturday. We went to Kenosha Wisconsin to go to a diner that was on Diners, drive-ins and dive. There was a huge car show going on and we had to wait. But it was worth it. The place is called Franks. You should go if you are ever in the area. The food was good and you had entertainment from the staff as well as all the people that were around for the car show.

After breakfast we go to the Ren Fair. We were not there more than 90 minutes or do before a massive downpour came. Well no acts were on any of the stages and everything turned into on big mud pit. So we left. Of course we were wet and muddy. Not fun for the 60 minute ride home. But we had fun anyway.