Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas drama

There is nothing like some Christmas drama.  The final celebration was yesterday January 3.  Of course there's 1 person who cannot be happy.  All over what her husband's grandchildren call her.  There are 4 and the oldest is 17 and they all call her by her first name.  Mind you she married into the family when my cousins and I were in our early 20's and then moved to another state for 15+ years so it's not like they were part of our daily-weekly-monthly lives. So to demand that the grandkids call you something other than by your first name is crazy.  It does not show lack of respect at all.  Plus the fact to expect me as a grown adult in my 40s to all off a sudden to call you aunt is also a little much.  Granted you have been married to my uncle since my early 20's it's not like I saw you at every holiday because we lived in different states.  So don't blame my uncles first wife for the kids not calling you anything but by your first name.  You say my cousins don't respect you.  How can they when their father stopped showing them respect when they were teenagers.  Maybe if you weren't so demanding and pushy you may have been called grandma.

This is my family so either suck donkey balls or don't come around.  I have no respect for either one of you because he's a drunk who told me I'd amount to nothing when I was 20.

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