Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 2 of the new job and other stuff

Today was day 2 of the job.  So far I really enjoy it and the people are all nice.  I think this was the best job decision of all the jobs I had interviews for.  I know I will be able to learn and I know I will bring something to them.  I cannot wait to see what the days, weeks, and months bring in this job.

While I am working on finding my own footing it seems like reality throws a wrench in the mix.  Family members get sick and while I am sympathetic to it all I also live in reality and don't always show the sympathetic side of me.  But sometimes that is what people need in a time of need.  It is hard to face reality and I am usually a ball of emotions and the timing isn't always right.   But those who truly know me know that deep down I not a mean hearted person or a bitch.  Rather a person who has multiple sides.  Not all may like it but I cannot run to everybody's side to help.  I can pass on what knowledge I have and go on.

The next week and a half will be spent getting ready for my grandpa's 90th birthday.  It will be a lot of fun and he will be surprised with some things I have planned at the party.  He does know about the party and he is looking forward to it.

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