Saturday, January 31, 2015

8 days in and I survived

Eight days into the temporary job and I survived.  I sit in an office looking at 2 monitors comparing data.  While it can be mind numbing I think of everything and anything.  Like how it would be to have a camera crew following me around all the time.  Would it annoy me or my family more.  I'd tell them I don't care if you don't want to be on TV it's my life thats on TV.  Oh, wait you're a part of my life..hahahaha.  Suck it up and come for the ride.  It's either gonna be a bore or a dollar coaster ride.

There would be an occasional bleep of words.  Because they slip out of my mouth not my family's mouth.  The boring part would be when I'm at work.  It'd be like watching paint dry.  That could be spiced up if painting was done naked and there was sparkles added to the paint.

It just shows how warped my mind can be when I'm sitting in front of a computer comparing data.  The project goes for another month or so.  Let's see what else my mind wanders too much.  I do enjoy what I do.  But when I come home my eyes are crossed and I can't see straight.  Who needs to see straight when driving.  Being female it actually makes me drive somewhat normal.

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