Saturday, June 27, 2015

Moving on

Oh yea I am moving on from all the bullshit in the news and in my personal life.  I need to worry about the important things.  If you all want to see my happy blonde persona then fine you call me.  Yes, sometimes I tell it how it is.  But it is the truth.  Like the lack of information in your texts.  I invite you to something say no thank you we have plans.  You think I am going to be here forever.  I got news for you.  I will move on and still have my wonderful life with or without you.  I like being goofy and if you cannot accept that then your loss not mine.  I cannot be serious all the time.

I am done with all the fake people and always calling when they want something.  News flash call the people you talk to all the time.  They are the ones you want to hang with.  I am ok with that.  Just remember when I am out making the comedy tour rounds I will still use all of you in my act because we do have funny shit that happened while we all hung out.  So get over it.  That's the only way you'll have connection with me.

My rant is off.  Now its time for me and Billy Bob to watch the Big Brother live feeds.

Oh mylanta.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Big Brother starts next week

Starting next week my life will be consumed by big brother.  Not sure how well that will work with a job since I watch the live feeds.  I'm sure I'll fit it in like I have in the past.  Then the cousin will be texting me none stop all summer.  Which is fine and we usually have a blast all summer.

I tend to hang at the cousins house a lot during the summer.  It will be a blast.  Good thing I start work at 9 and get off at 5:30.  Lunch will be consumed by live feeds and selfies with the TV during the live eviction like last summer.

Oh how I love summer.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The blonde of all trades

So I finally landed myself a pretty steady job.  It's a temp to perm position.  They said I'd go perm in 90 days but from what I have heard from the employees that were temp to perm it too 1-2 years.  I am ok with that because it's a steady job.  Plus, I will be able to get medical benefits and paid holidays.

While I am still selling Gold Canyon Candles I decided to try Tastefully Simple.  People always need to eat. So now I sell that along with candles and of course Origami Owl.  While it may seem like a lot it't not.  I can do different events with different companies.  The candles I have found don't so as well of jewelry or food.  But I do have quite a few loyal candle customers.

Plus throw in the event listing site All Things Vendor Events and I'm fully booked.  Go me.  Better to be busy then ideal.  I do enjoy everything I do and wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Animal free

It has been a few months since the last cat when to the rainbow bridge. After having a cat since I was 5 it's a little strange not to have one. While I didn't have to change the litter box until I was a teenager it still takes a lot of getting used to. Having cats for 39 years is a long time. 

At times I think I still hear them. A friend just asked if I knew anyone who wanted 2 cats because she knew someone who has 2 to get rid of. I said no because it was too hard when the last one passed. 

Maybe one day I'll get another one. But until then I'll enjoy other people's pets.