Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The funny in almost all situations

Whether it's positive or negative there's usually something funny in just about any situation. If not then I just have a weird sense of humor. There's one person I know who will say things out loud and when someone answers she's always surprised and is like I was just talking out loud. So after a few times of this, the group of us just stopped saying anything. Then she gets a little pissed when she says something and no one answers. She's like I was waiting to know something. Then we are like well we weren't sure if you were talking to yourself or us. I just chuckle at these things. If I don't then I'll go crazy. I'm already blonde don't need crazy added to the list and I mean blonde in a good way.

My very good friend's fiancée passed away about 6 years ago. While at the funeral service, her fiancee's 5 year old nephew passed gas during a very quiet moment. Then you hear a few chuckles from people. After the service people were talking and chuckling about it. It lightened the mood for a few moments.

Of course there's the one team lead that doesn't read her emails before delegating the work to others, because if she reads them she might as well do it. Ummmm, then how do you know what your team is working on. Not to mention how do you know you are not creating double work for the group? For example there were 2 emails about 2 separate orders that were going to the same person but with different addresses and she sends them to 2 different people. The person it is going to is no longer with the company. Ok let's have 2 people start emailing and calling to see where the orders should be going. Use your group wisely and we will shine. If not we look bad then you look bad. Something funny may or may not come from this one. But I moved on from it.

I was thinking about how some people get hazardous pay because they work with hazardous materials. Why don't we get attitude pay, more like bad attitude/negative attitude pay? It takes a lot of energy to deal with those types of people. When you are happy and positive life is so much easier. I�m not talking about the 1-2 moments a month where everybody gets crabby or has a bad attitude. We are human after all. I'm talking about the ones who are nasty all the time. It's like they thrive on take the joy out of other's lives.

I figure I'll keep looking for the positive/funny things in every situation. It will help me stay positive and focused on myself and my journey.  

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