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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Common sense and mars

Peeps.  Don’t get your underwear all in a bunch because you owe money to someone and cannot pay and then threaten to not shop there any longer.  Really do you think you’re hurting them.  The only way you’re hurting them is by not paying them for past orders.  Lack of any future purchases won’t hurt them because it’s not like your low life ass will pay anyways.  So don’t take it out at someone because you’re an fucktard and cannot pay your bills and people are going after you for money.  I’m guessing these same people have a double standard and sell to people who don’t pay and it doesn’t faze them.  Must be nice to be in business as a charity.

On a brighter note, things are mars are heating up and I have decided I’m moving there because people are just whackadoodles ad have no common sense.  Me included so I’m out of here until common sense comes back.  So come and visit one day and we can go to the beach and swim in the ocean.  i can see it now a whole colony of people starting a beach-town.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Put the Christmas lights down Tom the Turkey is coming

Ok now that Halloween is over it doesn’t mean you can go all crazy with the Christmas decorations.  We still have one holiday to go.  That is where Tom Turkey comes in.  It’s called Thanksgiving people.  Give it up people and deal with each holiday.  What are you in denial about Tom Turkey?  It’s a day to give thanks and eat until you have to unbutton your pants and pull the zipper down and watch grown men tackle each other on the football field.

So put down the Christmas lights and the blow-up Santa’s and Frosty’s and put up Tom the Turkey blow-ups.  Step away from the decorating the tree and making it look like Christmas threw up all over your house 6 months early.  What’s your rush for Christmas anyways?  There’s 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That is more than enough time to enjoy Christmas.  Not to mention a week after Christmas is New Years and most people leave their Christmas decorations up until then.

So let’s give the first few weeks of November to Tom Turkey then after that give it to Santa and the elves.  It’s not like Tom is going to ever leave so give him a fair chance.  

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Lack of common sense or plain stupid

Let’s see, I am standing by a register and the register light is on and I have my work shirt on and you have to ask if I’m open.  No, I thought I’d stand here and look pretty.  Of course I am open.  Did you leave your common sense at home in the bathroom?  Maybe it was left years ago at the zoo with the monkeys.  It’s a little hard to tell since you cannot even tell if a register is open. Heck you people even wanted to return a light switch with paint on it.  Really?  Do I look like I fell off of the tomato boat?  Some days it could be debatable but not that day that’s for sure.

I wasn’t an angel growing up but I wasn’t a horrible teenager either.  Doing the deed in a car.  Check.  While the car was moving on a highway.  Check.  Those days were the days I lost my common sense.  Either that or I hadn’t gained any yet. Or it could have been before I learned not to stupid things.  Not sure because years later I was doing the deed in offices that had been closed for the day. It’s not that I wanted to get caught or anything but there was some type of thrill to it.  Of course both of this incidents could be just plain stupidity.  The jury has been out on that for years and I think they have been drinking since there hasn’t been a verdict.  Like it matters now it’s been over for years and no one is talking about it.  At least not that I know about other than this little blip in a blog.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Umm Yes I have been MIA

So some of you may have noticed I have been MIA.  Life got a little crazy here with working and a hospital stay.  Not me, but someone very close to me.  I won't go into details because he likes his privacy.  But now I'm back and the snail is getting off the wheel so the hamster can get back on.  The squirrel wasn't very motivating to the snail.  But he sure can make the hamster run his little legs on the wheel.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Retail and the lack of common sense

There is a thing called common sense that seems to escape some people.  For example, if pop is stocked at night prior to the store closing, people will still be purchasing said pop.  There is no reason for the opening people to get their underwear all in a bunch because it looks like it wasn’t stocked.  Hello people!!  You close occasionally and you know what happens with closing duties.  So suck it up and be glad that only 1-2 were sold and not the entire cooler.  Even if all the pop was sold 10 minutes to closing would it be that big of a deal.  No because that means more money for the store.  Again get over it.

If the garages are not done.  Look at who was working and how many people there were.  If there were 2 people working, common sense says they were busy and couldn’t get them done.  Again don’t get your underwear in a bunch.  Suck it up and do them in the morning when you come in. It’s not like they were overflowing jackasses.  Because when they get that bad they get done right away.  So 2 pieces of paper in them is not going to cause the world to end.

Friday, September 22, 2017

What was I thinking waking up before the worms

Not sure what the freak I was thinking.  I’m working 63.5 hours between both jobs this week and taking my friend and her family to the airport before the worms are awake.  Really who takes an international flight at 7 am.  Not to mention who works an extra 23.5 hours a week.  I do one of those.  Oh wait I take domestic flights at 7:30 am.  Oh Mylanta whatever I sparkle so it doesn’t matter.

Now Big Brother is over I’ll have to find more shows to watch.  I know all my sitcoms are starting again.  Plus, the reality shows I like are on, like Shahs of Sunset and Flipping out.

This is about all I have this week.  Probably because I have been making videos via snapchat and posting them on Facebook.  So many of the filters that are voice changers are so much fun.  So come on over and see more of the craziness.  Because who wants to miss all the fun on Facebook.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Over sharing and cake over Facebook

Yes, I share a lot of my friend’s posts.  What they sell things and some post some funny things too.  People may get sick of it but they will get over it or they will block me.  But if they did they would be missing a whole of stuff.  Especially since I post my own hilarious stuff too.  Well I think so and I have been told its funny.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good story about elephants who come in and know how to use the self-checkout at a store.  They need to shop for clothes and home remodeling items too.  They need to feel loved and look pretty too.

Not to mention a friend who is eating pineapple upside down cake and not sharing it.  Then the cake gets thrown over Facebook and onto my face.  I then get the cake anyway.  That’s a new feature that’s still in testing.