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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Over sharing and cake over Facebook

Yes, I share a lot of my friend’s posts.  What they sell things and some post some funny things too.  People may get sick of it but they will get over it or they will block me.  But if they did they would be missing a whole of stuff.  Especially since I post my own hilarious stuff too.  Well I think so and I have been told its funny.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good story about elephants who come in and know how to use the self-checkout at a store.  They need to shop for clothes and home remodeling items too.  They need to feel loved and look pretty too.

Not to mention a friend who is eating pineapple upside down cake and not sharing it.  Then the cake gets thrown over Facebook and onto my face.  I then get the cake anyway.  That’s a new feature that’s still in testing.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Vacation and a hurricane

It has been over a week since I last blogged.  It has been a crazy week.  I left last Wednesday to go to Charleston, South Carolina.  Even with the possibility of a hurricane I still went.  We did plan on going to Charleston but by Saturday they had started prep for the tropical storm force winds and storm surges that were going to happen because of hurricane Irma.  So not much was open.  On Thursday we did get some extra bottled water and topped off the gas in the car and got gas for the generator.  Of course my idea of getting ready was getting 12 Smirnoff Ice.  Hey I needed something to get me through any type of hurricane prep.  For some odd reason I listened to my mom and brought extra clothes in case I needed them if we evacuated.  With all the beach trips and pool trips I didn’t need half of what I needed for a short 5-day trip.  Oh well now I go from possible hurricane prep to back to work.  Work is much easier than watching the weather channel 24/7 watching a storm come.  Even with 2 Smirnoff Ice in my feet.

Friday, September 1, 2017

My direct sales story and Younique

I have done direct sales for about 7 years now and I have been with a few companies.  While I have loved all the products I have sold, I am with only with one now   With each company I learned new and different things about myself and about the products/industry.  Currently I am with Younique and honestly I don’t wear a lot of makeup.  I keep it simple since I am quite busy.  I typically put on the Epic mascara and the Liquid Lipstick or lip-gloss.  On occasion I will add the loose powder, eyeliner or eye-shadow. 

There is nothing wrong with keeping makeup simple.  It’s all about what makes you feel good.  I may not be able to do a smoky eye but I can google it and help you achieve that look.  I may not know everything but I am always willing to go the extra mile to find the answers.  That is what is important when looking for a consultant.  I am always learning and trying to improve myself.  The more I know the better off I am personally and professionally.  I know I want to continue to grow with this company.  It is not easy but I am slowly getting better and moving up.

When I first started with Younique I was with 2 other companies.  I was just doing it more for fun and my own personal use.  Then I sold a few things and learned even more about the company and found it really was the one for me.  They are global and their products are complaint with the European Union standards.  They sell the same product globally.  So there are not multiple formulas floating around.  Sometimes it just takes time to find the perfect fit. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Really a Ta-ta towel

Really you need a towel for your boob sweat.  Some woman invented the Ta-ta towel and I’m thinking why not just take a hand towel and put it under your boobs while getting ready like the rest of us.  How about this take your robe or pajamas and put that under your boobs.  Chances are your wearing either one of those while getting ready.  It’s not hard to put some of the material under your boobs while wearing either one.  Then you can continue getting ready for your day without extra material making you even hotter.

There will be some female who will take it a step further and decide to make this her top.  Which will look a lot funnier than walking around with just a bra on.  I’m sure the girls will pop out once you start dancing and jumping around like females do.  Then it will be a free peep show for everyone.  Even those who don’t want to see because I see my own every day. 

I’m sure she’s making a ton of money on it.  Which is great for her.  Not top mention everybody is talking about it and that's creating more of a buzz for.  But I really don’t need another thing to wash.  Chances are people will buy it then use it for a while and it will end up in the back of the linen closet with the scale.  The 2 things can keep each other company along with the 6 million things we store in that closet.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Attention flip flop wearers-yes footwear of choice

Please make sure your toes look nice.  Either have no polish or have them all polished.  I am not talking about a big toe half polished with the other 4 fully polished or have 3 different colors that are chipped.  I mean really you might as well have sasquatch feet. But if you have sasquatch feet go get that shit waxed off.  No one likes to see hairy feet with chipped polish and toe rings popping through.  Yes, the waxing will hurt like hell but at least your feet will look nice.  A lot of nail places do waxing so ask them wax your feet at your next appointment.  Just don’t have them do it while they are polishing tour toes.  If you don’t want to spend the money, then wax or shave them yourself.  I think they still make Nair.  That defeats the purpose and your feet will still end up hairy like a gorilla.  If you want decorative toes, then wear toe rings or have the nail tech do nail art on your toes.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Now a break from our regularly scheduled winter games

Who doesn’t love to shop?  Especially if you can do it from the luxury of your bed, the pool, or sky diving while spreading glitter over trolls.  What I like even better is having a party for Discovery Toys, Pampered Chef, Pure Romance, Jamberry, and Younique is I earn free products.  Plus, if I don’t feel like having my peeps over to my purple cave I can have a Facebook or catalog party and still earn free products.  Hey I don’t see Toys R Us, Sephora or Crate and Barrel giving you free stuff for shopping with them.  Plus, with them you helping some big company not a local person

So feel free and check them out.  I know you’ll find something you’ll fall in love with and then want to share with your friends.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Funerals are no fun until someone farts and gets the car in line

Yes, funerals are sad occasions and are not any fun.  I have been to quite a few and have had all the emotions that go with them.  I don’t ever go near the coffin.  Not because of lack of respect but I just cannot handle being that close.  Those people close to me understand that and accept it.  But it always seems like something happens that we can chuckle at.  Like at my friend’s fiance's funeral.  Her family and I were sitting together during mass and during a quiet moment of prayer someone lets out a loud fart.  Both of her parents look at her brother and I and give us the look of death.  We are like it wasn’t us.  They both start whispering yelling at us to grow up as they are trying not to chuckle.  Mind you we are about 40 at this time.  Then all of a sudden we hear someone say Junior please.  Turns out it was her fiance's nephew.  Now this wasn’t the only funny incident that happened.  I drove over to Gem’s parents’ house so we can follow each other to the funeral home and church.  So her brother Baby drives over with me and we get to the funeral home.  I roll down my window to talk to the funeral home person and he asks if we are family or friends.  I say family and Baby says friends.  I lean over and hit him.  Now mind you Baby and I have known each other since 1986.  He comes back with I’m not the fiance's family I’m his friend.  I say Gem is your family and I turn the director and say family.  The funeral person just looks at us shaking his head as we biker and laugh like we are family.  So I get the car in line with the family cars.