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Friday, February 16, 2018

Just when you think the stupid people have all but gone away

All the stupid people have been in hibernating, Why, do you ask?  Because I have not encountered as many in my retail job.  Don’t get me wrong there are the ones who still try to return a used toilet that is the avocado green color that was popular in the 1970’s.  Umm yea no that one you cannot return.  What is it you say?  You just bought it.  Umm maybe back in 1972 via time travel.

Oh and I’m not a mind reader when you call to say you placed an order on the 12 and didn’t receive it how am I supposed to know that you received an order that was placed on the 14 when I start looking into orders placed on the 12.  Might help if you said I am trying to track an order I placed on the 12 that I haven’t received but did receive one that I placed on the 14.  Would have same you some aggravation.  Just saying.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The weight loss journey

Change is never easy.  I have started tracking food and exercise again.  While I have been over a lot of days on food or didn’t finish tracking, the key is that I am doing something.  Now over the past few weeks I have given up Pepsi and pop tarts.  Part of me misses it and other part no.  The pop was giving me stomach issues so now that I don’t drink it I feel so much better.  The walking after my lunch has been helpful.  It’s 10 minutes that I wasn’t doing while I was at work.  I have also started doing the Leslie Sansone videos on days I am not working both my jobs.  Yes, it can be hard but it’s worth it. 

I am feeling better as each days goes by.  For me it makes me realize what I am eating and makes it easier to makes the changes little by little.  Whether you start big or little it doesn’t matter, it’s your journey.  Just know others are trying to loose weight too and may have similar experiences as you.  You are not in a competition with anyone else on this.  Take one big leap or baby steps we all are on our journeys and are willing to share our experiences.  

Sunday, January 14, 2018

A walk on the Fox River

When my parents come to town they rent a house because my brother and I do not have room in our places for them.  So they rent a house on the Fox River in St. Charles, Illinois for a few weeks.  Since it was so cold over the holidays the river froze so we took a walk.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pine needles are mulitplying

Now that the tree is down the house still isn’t back together.  I have living room chairs in the dining room and not to mention no matter how many times I vacuum or sweep I still find pine needles all over.  Including in my bra and panties when I’m at work and there is no tree there.  I feel like I should super glue or duct tape all the needles on a tree prior to it coming into my house.  Because a needle in my bra is not fun.  I think it’ll be Easter and I’ll still be finding needles.  They are multiplying on their own at this point.  The parties they have during the day while I’m at work must be amazing since I find needles in the bathroom and the kitchen.  I need in on those parties.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

To the whiny asses complaining about the cold.

To the whiny asses complaining about the cold.

Yes, it’s cold.  That is the reason why they make clothes.  You put them on and not only do you cover your private bits but they keep you warm.  If you’re still cold there are coats, scarfs, hats and yes snowsuits.  Put them on and deal with it.  If you cannot deal with then stay home or move to another part of the country.  Those are your options.  So suck it up and put your big boy and girl pants on.

What hats mess up your hair?  Hate to tell you we are all walking around with goofy hat hair.  We don’t judge.  Snowsuit too bulky.  Who cares we all do the pottie dance when wearing it.

Thank you,

Mother nature and old man winter

Monday, December 25, 2017

Getting lost in a 2 block radius at the family Christmas party

My mom's side of the family celebrated Christmas on Saturday this year.  There are about 20 adults and 100 kids.  Ok maybe not that many kids.  But the total number of people is close to 30.  So my Aunt always had it the clubhouse in her subdivision.  Well, some of us decided to go back to my Aunts to help her unload all the food and stuff.  I follow my mom and stepfather who of course are driving a rental car with Florida plates.  Mind you its Illinois and cold out.  Well, on the way they pull over and I pull up to them asking them whats wrong.  Their winder has frost on it and they have no scraper and cannot figure how to work the heat.  They start searching the car for a scraper and I'm like hello take mine.  They then take care of the scraping and proceed to tell me to turn around because we are going the wrong way.  I'm like ok its one big circle but whatever its dark and the houses look all the same.  Yup it's a subdivision of townhouses.  I turn around and go in the circle and realize they are not behind me and I come upon them still going the same way we started.  I am at this point laughing so hard I almost peed myself because they tell me to turn around because they are going the right way.  Again its one big main circle and we got lost.  Needless to say it's another story for the Christmas story books.