Thursday, January 30, 2014

The mailings and the baby

Oh yea, it gets interesting when trying to put together mailings for candles and the baby is awake.  My main focus is the baby of course, but there are times when he is just playing by himself with his toys. So I bring out my things and start stuffing envelopes.  Of course, he notices and rolls his happy cute little drool filled face over and drools all over, then rolls all over the papers.  Then the dog realizes whats going on and decides to get in on the action and is walking over the baby onto the envelopes.  It turns into a hot mess.  Well, not really because it is too cute to be a hot mess when little old me is the childless babysitter, who happens to love kids.  Go figure

So, now that I have had to call all my candle customers and explain that it was not me that drooled all over the invites, I will only deal with paper when the drool monster is asleep and the dog is chewing on a bone or a slipper.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bridal expo and candles

This past weekend I was a vendor at a bridal expo. I love going events. I always have so much fun. Here are some pictures of my displays. While I didn't sell anything I did make contacts. Making contacts is just as good as selling something. Because one never knows what will come out of the contacts. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oldies but goodies

I'm not quite sure what our parents were thinking. I'm bald and my cousin looks like she's were drapes in the first one. We both looks like boys but I'm in a dress. At least it looks like one. 

I can't believe they took us out looking like that. If I had me as a kid I would have bought a wig it on the baby. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I survived the old people, teenagers, the little people and the baby

Somehow I survived the holidays with the old people, teenagers, little people, and the baby.  The old people and teenagers just wanted to shop and picked the mall that was so busy you couldn't even walk in. The little people just wanted to make rainbow loom bracelets and play Mario Kart. They baby well he's just a baby and just ate, slept, and pooped.