Thursday, April 2, 2015

Oh yea back in the game

So out of all the interviews on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday(there were 4), I get the temporary to permanent position that I interview for on Tuesday.  While the manager did the majority of the talking, I must have made a great impression because I got it.  Now I could waited to see if I was offered anything from the interview the day before because money wise it could have been better, I felt the 1 on Tuesday was a better fit for me as far as company culture.

Both would have been fast past and both you need to be detailed orientated in I just felt this company was better suited.  It's family owned and all the employees were awesome.  So I have a temp to perm postion and in about 90 days if it all works out I'll be permanent.  Money will be tight but there are a few times a year when theres overtime so I will make it ok.

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