Sunday, November 10, 2013

Um hello you really just said that

About a month ago my upline and I did a vendor event and we both gave a raffle item.  We were one of the last ones to leave since it took us while to pack up all of our candles.  My upline Kathy had noticed that a lot of the raffle items were still on the table.  There were not many people who came and shopped at this even so she was wondering why they were still there, ours were not on the table.  So a few days later Kathy emailed the person the person running the event wondering who had won the raffle and what items they were.  She replied back saying it was 2 people that won and they picked our items and she didn't know who won them.  Two weeks or so later I had seen another consultant who was at the same event and we got to talking about the other event.  She had asked if I had heard from the person who won my raffle item.  I said no and that there were a lot of items left.  She was like that explains why I haven't heard because mine was a gift certificate.  We talked in more detail and come to find out we were charged different prices for the event.  Wonderful I thought, not only was the person running it talking poorly about other event planners but she was charging different prices.

Jump to today and Kathy was doing this same persons event and the person came up to her saying that the girls that were in our previous spot were complaining about her not knowing who won our raffle items.  Kathy was like, in her head, what, it was me and you don't even remember that it was me.  Plus I wasn't complaining I was wondering if you knew.

After the first event I wasn't going to do any of her events again.  After her comments about us complaining I unfriended her on Facebook before I could post anything that would hurt my business.  I figure what comes around goes around.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The blob and me

Yes the blob is become more like a human baby all the time. He's going to be 4 months old next week. The blob nickname no longer fits him as he's kicking and moving his arms all over. Like he's wrestling with the air. It's quite comical. This past few weeks he's head butted my nose, hit me with plastic toy keys, and pulled the hair. I think he's winning. What the heck I'll let him.