Saturday, January 31, 2015

8 days in and I survived

Eight days into the temporary job and I survived.  I sit in an office looking at 2 monitors comparing data.  While it can be mind numbing I think of everything and anything.  Like how it would be to have a camera crew following me around all the time.  Would it annoy me or my family more.  I'd tell them I don't care if you don't want to be on TV it's my life thats on TV.  Oh, wait you're a part of my life..hahahaha.  Suck it up and come for the ride.  It's either gonna be a bore or a dollar coaster ride.

There would be an occasional bleep of words.  Because they slip out of my mouth not my family's mouth.  The boring part would be when I'm at work.  It'd be like watching paint dry.  That could be spiced up if painting was done naked and there was sparkles added to the paint.

It just shows how warped my mind can be when I'm sitting in front of a computer comparing data.  The project goes for another month or so.  Let's see what else my mind wanders too much.  I do enjoy what I do.  But when I come home my eyes are crossed and I can't see straight.  Who needs to see straight when driving.  Being female it actually makes me drive somewhat normal.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The jobs are a rolling in

Ok I don't have job offers rolling in but the other half got a job that starts tomorrow.  So we are both working.

While I have a great family some of their ideas of helping are telling me to sell my car and get a new cheaper one.  I'm sitting there like how the heck is gonna happen.  I don't have steady income so I'll end up walking to work.  Right that will be wonderful walking 15 miles to work in January in Chicago. Hello I'll be a popsicle.  By the time I thaw it'll be time to walk home. But heck I'll loose some weight.  I can see it now the whole thing now.  Only because I have seen other people walking and they look frozen and blue.  Not to mention a few icicles hanging off their noses.

So nope keeping the car at least I'll be able to live in it and it has seat warmers, my butt will always be warm.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Start day tomorrow

Tomorrow is the start of the temporary job.  I had an interview today at a company that sells pools supplies.  Love the pool.  The interview went good and I should know something by Thursday about it.  They are looking to start a training class on Monday.  So of course I'm hoping for that position, because it's a permanent position with opportunities.

I'm going to keep looking for that position until I land the permanent one.  So tomorrow it will start back up and I will see what happens.  I have many plans in play so I can make sure I don't stop until I have it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Job Hunt Continues

That's right folks the job hunt continues.  I have a temporary job that starts on Wednesday and I have an interview for a permanent job tomorrow.  Seeing how I need a job with benefits and all that I am going on the interview.  I know I committed to working the temporary position but in the end I need to look out for myself.  Anything can happen so I'll go on the interview and start the temp position on Wednesday.  I am not guaranteed anything, so I do what I need to.

Some people have helped me during this search and others say they would but haven't.  Which is fine because in times like you find you truly cares about you.  I'm not looking for handouts, just a resume passed along.  I have some friends who asked me for my resume so they could pass it along.  I love that.  It shows that people still think of you even if you don't talk to them all the time.

By sticking together and helping others it makes the world a better place.  I know I have become a better person because of helping others.  So now back to the job boards because that perfect job isn't going to find me.  I have to find it.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The job hunt

Job hunting is not easy.  I have applied for at least 150+ jobs and I have gotten a few call backs.  Mostly from staffing agencies, which is ok.  The more people that have my resume the better.  I know that I will find a job and all my finical issues will be ok.  I have family that is willing to help me with money until I am back on my feet.  They understand that the job market hasn't been great but it is getting better.

It has been a learning experience.  From admitting that I need help finically to not hearing back from companies.  As much as it can get depressing it also has its good points.  I have friends and family asking for my resume and passing it along to their hiring managers.  Which shows that they believe I have some talent and skills that can help their company.  It doesn't guarantee me a job but it helps.  I appreciate it all.  I have in the past passed along agency information to friends who were looking.  It all helps.  We need to look out for each other and help when we can.

By helping others you are also helping yourself.  Everybody and different skills and employers react to everybody differently.  By showing you are willing to help someone else shows you are a team player and don't always think of yourself.  Not everybody is looking for the same job or has the same skills.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas drama

There is nothing like some Christmas drama.  The final celebration was yesterday January 3.  Of course there's 1 person who cannot be happy.  All over what her husband's grandchildren call her.  There are 4 and the oldest is 17 and they all call her by her first name.  Mind you she married into the family when my cousins and I were in our early 20's and then moved to another state for 15+ years so it's not like they were part of our daily-weekly-monthly lives. So to demand that the grandkids call you something other than by your first name is crazy.  It does not show lack of respect at all.  Plus the fact to expect me as a grown adult in my 40s to all off a sudden to call you aunt is also a little much.  Granted you have been married to my uncle since my early 20's it's not like I saw you at every holiday because we lived in different states.  So don't blame my uncles first wife for the kids not calling you anything but by your first name.  You say my cousins don't respect you.  How can they when their father stopped showing them respect when they were teenagers.  Maybe if you weren't so demanding and pushy you may have been called grandma.

This is my family so either suck donkey balls or don't come around.  I have no respect for either one of you because he's a drunk who told me I'd amount to nothing when I was 20.