Thursday, July 2, 2015

Middle aged...ummmm maybe

Yea so the 2 shows I have been watching the past 2 weeks are Big Brother on CBS and Grace and Frankie on Netflicks.  Most of the people on Big Brother range in age from early 20's to early 30s.  then Grace and Frankie are geared to older people.  The 2 main characters are 70.  Ok I am 44 and don't feel like it.  I enjoy both shows on different levels.  I just chuckle and giggle at Grace and Frankie.  Then I get sucked into the drama of Big Brother.

Yes, one show is fictional and the other is a reality show.  Both shows are probably not geared towards my age group but I watch what I want and enjoy it.  Imagine of both shows combined.  Old people in a house with no communication with the outside world.  There'd be no drama and they'd be talking about their depends and the good old days with no TV.

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