Friday, April 25, 2014

Hello, people wake up

There are some days I wonder how people actually keep a job.  My business partner and I plan events and each week there is at least 3 stupid people.  They claim they didn't receive the contract or the invoice.  After we suggest they check their spam folder or any other folders they have, they always find it.  Some even forget they have set up rules so that emails will automatically move to a folder.  Hello! People why would you do that, unless you are checking them every other day.  Plus the fact you know I am sending a Paypal invoice. Duh you set up a rule for all Paypal emails to get filed in your Paypal folder.  Hello McFly anybody home.

Then you get the ones who claim they didn't receive their refund.  I inform them that I will look into since the money left my Paypal account.  I call Paypal and they see it being refunded.  I let her know and that she needs to call because they cannot tell me anything about her accounts.  Turns out she had a Paypal account and she forgot she had it.  Really, you forgot.  You go off on us for your stupidity. 

I can see forgetting you have an account.  While some of the people who are in direct sales, do it part-time.  Others do it full-time Some of these people do it part-time and work a full-time job.  How do you not know to check other email folders.  I can see forgetting about an account.  Lord knows I have like 50 accounts.  But your email, email is huge nowadays.

So people get a clue.

Do not call us until you check all your email folders for our emails?
Check your Paypal account for the refund?
After all that then bug the hell out of us.  We are not here to hold your hands while you look.  You may think we are.  Nope we are not,  sorry.  No, not sorry you grown adults with your own parents. 

So suck it up and deal with it.  Not all events are the same.  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Origami Owl

I decided to sell Origami Owl. It's a great company. You can dealing your own locket. You can pick you necklace, locket, and charms. The charms move around so they look different all the time. You can even change out the charms. They are called living lockets. 

It's a great addition to my Gold Canyon Candle business. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend of Events

I had a weekend full of events. One was out of town and one was in town. It as fun and had a lot of learning lessons. I don't believe in drama and gossip. While I try to stay out of it I know it's not realistic. There's always drama and I have just learned how to walk away or move on.