Monday, March 26, 2012

Yep I think of these things

So my mind is a little warped. Could be why I don't like being in an office and would rather run around like a chicken. But really, I just think of weird and funny things. Well funny to me and a few friends.

More things I'd live to say

From the way your chewing with your mouth open and making noises, I am going to guess you were raised by cows.

Your not a door so don't stop in the middle of an aisle or when you walk through an entrance.

Is that frown permanently stuck on your face?


Oh peeps the brain isn't working. I think there are some gold fish swimming in my head. I wonder if they'd like a steak dinner.

Rode my hamster wheel aka the bike and wouldn't you know it 7 four year olds passed me. And they were only walking.

Until next let your wackiness out.

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