Monday, March 5, 2012

Work and life

Now that the weekend is over I can say I'd rather have a house full of people then being in a corporate setting. But I am working on changing that which I have said before.

I am looking forward to the vendor event at the end of the month, no cleaning for me. It is in a store front which is good. I think it will be fun. Those type of settings I love. I thoroughly enjoy it. Having these part time jobs is work but it is worth it if I can get out of my full time position and do what I enjoy. Which appears to be a lot. But in time it will all work out.

I need to place my Melaleuca order today. I love their products and the best part I don't have to drive to pick up the same products that I buy in the stores. Items like cleaning products, makeup and vitamins. I end up saving money because I do not have to use gas to drive anywhere to buy them plus with products in the store shipping is figured into the price of the products. Plus I end up with free time not being at the store. It's a win-win all around.

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