Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weddings part 2

My cousin Kirsten got married on 9/27/2001. Yep right after the attack. Well, the church and reception went off with no problems. We walk across the street from the hall to the hotel and find out there is a tatoo convention going on. It was kind of funny, there I am in a brides maid dress waving my flowers around, walking through the lobby a little tipsy. Ok a lot tipsy. So we get up to the rooms to continue the partying, when security knocks on the door. We open it and there is the grooms man that I stood up with and a security guard. Well he is being escorted out of the hotel because he and a few of the wedding guests had stole the hotel van. It is kind of funny looking back on it. Well it was funny at the time. Oh wait I was slightly drunk.

Jump to June 2002 to my brother's wedding. Wedding and reception go with no problems. Lots of drinking involved. See the pattern at family weddings. So my sober step brother decides after the reception he wants Steak and Shake. Well my young sober cousin talks me and sister into going. Mind you 2 of are a little tipsy. Do the 2 sober ones get the idea to drive a little crazy to see if we get suck. Nope we at this point are pros at drinking at family weddings. So we get all the food and get to the hotel parking lot when we notice 2 police cars. I'm like those are for our family. Everybody else is like no can't be. So we get back to one of the rooms and low and behold they were fir us. Gee who was the genius to not put a block of rooms for a wedding together. Well my parents room was next to another guest who complained multiple times that we were too loud. HELLO what did you think hotel staff was gonna happen when the wedding came back to their rooms.

Yep then in 2005 at my other cousins wedding we had nothing happen that was like that. Of course I joked that the next level was an arrest.

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