Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Really people

I get an email at the beginning of February from a lady who wants to order purses. She tells me she doesn't use credit card and has a hearing disability so she only communicates via email. She said her previous consultant stop selling due to her getting cancer. The whole email didn't sound right. The grammar and spelling was awful. Don't get me wrong I'm not a perfect writer but it was like a kid was writing it. I had an uneasy feeling but I figured I'd respond and I said I'd order the purses once I got the check. Which she understood

A week or so goes by and I hear from her and she was in a car accident on her way from West Virginia to Missouri because her father passed away. She said her daughter got her transferred to another hospital. She said her debit cut a check to me for the order and for her doctor and that it was mailed. Also, she said she was mad because of it.

Another few weeks go by and I email her saying I haven't received the check. She emails me back stating that something was wrong with the address that FedEx had and that it was corrected. Ok so I keep and eye out for the check and I never receive it.

Today I receive an email starting that I should have a check today. She wants me to cash the check keep the money for the purses and send the rest to her doctor ASAP. Right like I'm just going to deposit a $2000 check and turn around and send $1750 to a doctor I do not even know. Heck I don't even know this lady. So I send her an email stating I do not want to be responsible for getting the money to the doctor. I then forward the email to the owner of the company that I am an independent demonstrator stating I do not feel comfortable with it and wanted them to know in case anyone calls to complain

So the lady emails me again asking that I send the money to the doctor so she can get treatment. I explain to her that I sympathize with her situation but I am sending her check back.

I can't just trust anyone that I don't know. Don't get me wrong I help people but this is so fishy.

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