Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weddings part 1

I have stood up in about 7 weddings so far. With number 8 coming up in October.

One is the first weddings was my best friend Cherie's. I happened to be the maid of honor and in church I was to follow her while she lit a candle so I could straighten out her train. Well as we were walking through the church at that part of the ceremony, I stepped on the train of her dress and you could see her stumble because of it. We did laugh about it because it was typical me.

Then at the reception hall her grandmother goes to the restroom and clogs one of the two toilets. This in turn makes a mess and when Cherie has to go to the bathroom, the two of us end up in the the strangest position. I gather up her dress and pull it in front of her and off of the ground and she backs into the stall and awhile she starts sitting I have to slightly bend over and my butt is hanging out of the stall in a burgundy colored dress. This would have been a great picture perfect moment.

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