Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things that are funny until they happen to you

There are some things that are funny when they happen to others. Below is a list that has happened to me, my friends, or complete strangers. But they do make funny stories later.

-Toilet paper stuck on someone's shoe or sticking out of their pants.

-A zipper open on a pair of pants or buttons open on a shirt thus exposing all of the goodies someone has.

-Someone bends down and their pants rip, again exposing the goodies.

-Walking out on a first date with bed head.

-Getting into someone else's car after lunch.

-Walking around with food in your face or shirt. Then go into a meeting with.

-Wearing different shoes.

-Having mismatched socks.

-You fart in a fairly quiet class like a yoga or Pilates class.

Please feel free to comment if you have anythings that happened to you or your loved ones.

Until next time watch out for that trailing toilet paper.

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