Monday, January 23, 2017

Please I'm begging let me say these out loud

If you cough between every word, you might want someone else to make your phone calls for you.  Just saying.

Yes, the presidential inauguration is important but do your job and work.  It will be all over the news tonight when you get home.

Really people you cannot take the empty toilet paper roll and throw it away.  Does it have your peepee cooties?

Really.  People just want to get in and out and not be asked a million and 1 questions when they are buying their screws and nails or their clothes.  Just saying.

Don’t tell me what I should be offended by.  I have my own feelings and a very great mind.  If you don’t like that I’m not offended by the same stuff as you, then suck up and walk away.

If you have to damage property to get your point across, then don’t wonder why people look down on you.  Just saying.

Oh do I sound a little jaded.  Maybe it’s because you’re not using a vibrator on a regular basis to realize that I’m just sick and tired of stupid people.

If you have to spray half a can of Lysol, please go home to do your business because there’s a fog of Lysol that we are walking into.

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