Friday, January 6, 2017

Fashion shows at fitness gyms

Hey you, yes you with the perfect hair and makeup.  Yes, you the one on the bike barely peddling.  If your worried about messing up the hair and makeup you are in the wrong place.  Is the gym supposed to be a fashion show?  If so I’m in the wrong place to get fit.  I go in without makeup on and my hair in a ponytail and mismatched clothes.

Actually that could be a new venue for fashion models and fashion shows.  The walls could be bedazzled with big fake gemstones covered with glitter.  Then a few disco balls hanging on the ceiling with various colored strobe lights mixed in.  Seating for the guests would be along the outside wall of the gym and the seats would be spin bikes.   There would be fake palm trees and cacti with Christmas light on them throughout the room.   Maybe even an Italian fountain in the center of the room. Models would be in the center on treadmill, bikes, and weight machines and would strut their stuff on cat walks between machines.  Models would be modeling anything from full length ball gowns, swim suits and business suits.

Waiters/waitresses’ would be on roller skates decked out in disco outfits or in referee outfits serving drinks and appetizers.  Hey an idea, have some of the models on skates too.  The ones wearing ball gowns.  Instead of carrying a purse they can carry a dildo.  It’d be a sight for the eyes that’s for sure.

In the background country music would be playing and once in a while a rap song would be in the mix.  I’m guessing that threw you off more that the models carrying dildos instead of purses.  Maybe it was the cacti with Christmas lights on it that make you ponder.  Well someone has to think of these things so people have something to talk about to go visit to not workout and sweat.  Being in a place like this will keep you smelling good and looking good because you are not working out.

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