Friday, January 13, 2017

Really just stop talking shit and other things

Yes, we need all the information for the items you are ordering.  We are not mind readers so we don’t know what colors or sizes you need.  If you want, we could send you 1 of each item that we sell.  You may end up with some wonderful items for your customers.

If people have to create a new profile for every position they apply for then you are not worth having them work for you.  Just saying.

Sucking up will get you nowhere.  Expect a new shade of lipstick.

If you’re still coughing that hard there’s an issue.  Go do something about it.  No one wants your germs.

If you have to talk crap about someone then expect karma to come around and hit you in the ass. 

Hey if you’re going to offer to pick up Starbucks offer it to everyone jackass.

You’re sweet innocent act cannot last for long.  People can see right through it since you talk shit about everything.

You never know I may call you out on your shit one day.  

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