Monday, January 9, 2017

Putting away the Christmas village people and their houses

This weekend all the Christmas people went back into their boxes.  I put away my Christmas village so don’t go thinking crazy things on me.  Every year for about 20 years I put up a Christmas village.  It started out small and got pretty big.  Then I moved and ran out of room so I kept a few of my favorites and gave the rest to family.  This way my village people could take road trips to visit their village family and friends at their new houses.

It was a lot of fun to see it once it was up and seeing people’s faces looking at all the buildings, people and cars moving around.  The people would run all over the village and even the big house.  Mainly the moved because the cats or a human would move them.  It’s not like they were moving on their own.  It would have been funny if they did.  That would freak a few people out.

I’ve seen people who keep villages up year round.  They change out buildings for the season.  I’m like that’s a lot of work.  They all look great and wonderful but I am too lazy to keep it up year round and then having to dust around it.  It would drive me crazy because I’d be moving everything all the time to find the perfect place for everything.  Plus, I’d get bored with where everything was and I start moving things all over the big house and then I’d give up and stop moving things and dusting.  It would then get cob webs look like a haunt village.  That would be perfect for Halloween.  So until then my village people and their houses will be in storage until next Christmas. 

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