Thursday, December 22, 2016

The joys of phone calls, food and Christmas letters

You call me and put me on hold right away.  Really what’s up with that shit? Oh yea, then hang up on me when I am mid-sentence.  Now there’s class.  Hell no!  If you don’t want to talk to people when ordering things, there’s always ordering via fax or online.  Try it may make you happier than talking to someone or until you learn how to use proper phone etiquette.  Not to mention having me on speaker and doing something that sounds like dropping marbles on the floor so it’s hard to hear.  Hey that’s not my fault I cannot hear you.  Maybe if you could focus and use the handset or a headset you wouldn’t get frustrated and take it out on everyone else.  Maybe I’ll add a few things and say Opps I couldn’t hear you while you were bowling and placing your order.

With all this food this Christmas season you all should have feed bags on.  People stop with the food.  All of you just complain that you ate too much or gained too much weight.  Either eat it and shut up about it or don’t eat it.  Now don’t get me wrong I have eaten a lot of food in my time.  Let’s face it I didn’t get this fabulous body by eating right and exercising.  But I have learned to not pack it in or I feel like crap and I don’t want to be the one complaining about it. 

People, with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. why do you all feel the need to still send out Christmas letters.  Do you think that we don’t pay attention on those social media sites?  But come on people save a tree and let the rest of read social media since you put all your shit out there anyway.  All the good, bad, and ugly.  So do us a favor and keep your shit on social media and not on paper form in the US mail.

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