Friday, December 2, 2016

Good Titles for Books and Their Synopsis

People Whose Eyeballs need to be Slapped

Stories of people who are stupid and do idiotic things in their life’s.  People who walk while texting and bump into 20 people because they are not paying attention.  A woman uses 2 carts to grocery shop and takes up 3 entire aisles with said carts.  An adult man changes lanes 6 times and cuts off 25 people and hits 3 cars and blames everybody else, sir your eyeballs need to be slapped.  Plus, many other stories in detail about who’s eyeballs need to be slapped because they have no common sense that the good fleas gave them to function in life.

Slap Yourself and Put on Your Big Girl/Boy Pants On

People who complain and whine about everything need to put on their big girl/boy pants on and get over their shit.  Stories of people who complain about who was elected as president, the weather, and the fact that unicorns fart and burp sparkles. The fact that there are free countries to live in on the plant or that the planet isn’t square.  Please slap yourself and put your big girl/boy pants on and deal with these issues.  Plus, many other stories of people who feel the need to put themselves first and think that other countries need more help than the one they live in.

Sparkly People Who Throw Confetti

Some people are just so happy they sparkle.  You know the ones; they walk around all sparkly throwing confetti all around them.  They are happy with everything little thing that happens and find the positive in any situation.  We will visit a lady who draws all the time and sells her artwork to ants to raise money for monkeys in need. Come and enjoy the journey of sparkles and confetti.

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