Friday, December 16, 2016

Again with the self check out and cyber deals

People stop being lazy and read.  The sign on the self-check machine says it is not taking or giving cash back.  Why would you still scan your items, then act like it’s our fault that you didn’t read?  Slow down a little and enjoy the roses.  Yes, there are still roses in winter.  It’s called buying them at the store and putting them in a vase at your house.   In other words, pay attention when you’re out.  Maybe it’s common sense your missing.  So please stop being stupid and pay attention.  At least for the rest of humanity’s sake and sanity.

It’s called a cyber-deal for a reason.  It’s because you go online and buy it.  If you want the deal, then suck it up and order it on line.  If you cannot handle the internet, then have someone else do it or you miss out on deals.  Not all deals can be offered in person or over the phone.  It’s life and companies do it all the time.  This is a normal thing and has happened for a long time in the retail/business world.  Get over it.

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