Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Get a clue people its a snow storm and self-checkout

People it’s snowing outside so it’s not really beach weather. So if you feel the need to wear shorts and flip flops you may want to check and make sure you landed in the right part of the world for that attire.

Um yea, that’s all that’s left of the car scrapers.  Maybe if you didn’t want until towards of the end of a snow storm you’d have more of a choice.

Hey dumbass parent, you’re actually letting your kid go outside without a coat on when it’s 20 degrees out.  Now, I am not talking about the older teenagers who think they know everything, I’m talking about an 8 or 10-year-old.  Hello, are you looking to have a sick child?  You’re the parent, do you not have any common sense the good lord gave you.

People it’s snow, not the end of the world.  It will melt at some point.

It’s self-checkout.  Meaning you scan your items and pay for it using the machine.  I only scan the big things you feel the need to bring through.

Oh, did you not read the multiple signs stating that this self-checkout didn’t take cash or give cash back.  Maybe you need to go back to school and learn to read or just pay attention.

People clean the snow out of your ears.  I asked for 2 things and you gave me 1.  I ask again and you get all pissy.  Maybe you should have been ready with what you needed before calling with your order.

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