Monday, December 19, 2016

Holidays, cold in the Midwest and a floating UFO home

Holidays are fun and stressful all at the same time.  Okay so you go visit family for the holidays (or anytime) and bring your stuff and some food that you like. Do you really then go and rearrange the linen closet and have hand towels and washcloths in multiple places?  At least I had all the things that were the same in the same spot.  It was pretty neat before, now it looks like I have a store in there and am waiting for customers.  Hey, it’s a closet and sometimes those are a hot mess. 

Then since you live in the Midwest, it feels like you really live in the arctic with the -20 wind-chill.  This causes cars not to start and takes even longer to get anywhere because you want to stay in bed under the covers until the next thaw which may not happen until July.  No to mention with all the clothes you have to wear you look like the kid from A Christmas Story.  You hope and pray that you don’t fall in the snowbank in the parking lot because you may not get back up.  If you do you might as well make a snow angel, this will help hid the evidence that you fell.

Highlight of the day so far seeing a floating UFO home on Facebook.  Um OK if I’m going to live an UFO I want it to be in space on floating in space not in the ocean.  But in any case how would you get food.  I mean it’s not like there are grocery stores in the middle of the ocean or in space.  In the ocean you could at least fish for food.  That would get a little boring especially if you get a whale, because that’s a lot of meat.

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