Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Short but sweet Christmas letter with fuzzy bunnies

It has been status quo with all the family.  But since Thanksgiving the circus and Under Water Gymnastics team has not been a success and the fuzzy bunnies have multiplied like crazy. 

With so many fuzzy bunnies we have started populating the planet Pluto.  We have sent the chairs as well to make shelters for themselves.  They are thriving there and love it.  This was a perfect option because Buck the golden retriever has been having huge success with the fish grooming here it was a perfect place help with the grooming business.  They have started making little coats for the fish to keep them warm.  They are making them out of seaweed and are as cute as buttons.

There are also bunnies and chairs on the road with Billy Bob, entertaining the oceans. They receive strange looks since they are bunnies and normally don’t scuba dive to the depths of the ocean.  But they are good swimmers and are thinking about starting families down there.

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