Monday, May 15, 2017

Toilet paper and the middle school

I had my fair share of fun that didn’t get me in trouble.  But it could have.  Like when I was a freshman in high school my 3 friends and I one September Saturday night decided to toilet paper the middle school we went to.  Now I am the only one who didn’t live 1 block away from the school, but Bertha, Brunhilda, and Ernestina all did.  Now we were staying at Brunhilda’s house since we always hung out in the family room when we were at her house.  It also helped there was a sliding glass door that led outside.  It was always easy to get out of that house it seemed.  Her mom and stepfather were either on the floor above us or in bed 2 floors above us.  So there we were, 4 girls toilet papering the front of the school.  No one said we were the brightest.  We were 14 years old for Pete’s sake and it was 1985.  We were probably high on hairspray.  I turn around and see a cop car coming down the street.  I yell cop and 3 of us duck behind the bushes and there’s Brunhilda standing smack dab in a light going Huh?!?!?!  She then falls to the ground.  The cop passes and we take off running into the 3-hole golf course that surrounds the school.  We run through it and make it back to Brunhilda’s house.  We go about out night talking about boys and doing makeup.  The rest of the weekend goes on without anyone saying anything.  My brother comes home from school on Monday and was all excited because someone toilet papered.  He’s going on and on at dinner.  Later that night I pulled him aside and told him that it Bertha, Brunhilda, Ernestina, and I that did it.


A few years later my brother egged a rival high school and took off running and broke his elbow.  I don’t think he listened to my entire toilet paper story because we didn’t break anything.  

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