Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Now break for our favorite direct sales companies and other companies

And now a break from my blondeness for a word about my friend’s companies.  Oh, and mine too.

There are some companies I just love.  Pure Romance for one.  Everybody needs love, romance, and some adult toys.  Nothing wrong with that.  There’s something for everyone there, from mild to whoa nelly bring it on.

After your done with all that you’ll need some fuel so go get cookies from The Cookie Garden.  Not to mention a makeup touch up with Younique makeup. 

The other 2 I have no idea where those come in at.  At Cheekerscrafts they have some jewelry and gemstones and Discovery toys could keep the kids busy while at the grandparents’ house when you’re having fun.

Below are their websites or Etsy shop where you can shop.  So go check them out and be surprised at what you find that you will love.  Plus, you can shop in the privacy of your home and no one will know what order unless you feel the need to broadcast it.  I have so many other favorites from all the companies and I could go on and on about their products.  But you cannot go wrong with these companies.

Now back to our scheduled blog this week sometime.

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