Friday, May 12, 2017

Graduation season and me

The month of graduations are here.  Whether is kindergarten, grade school, high school, or college.  Yes, I have been through all of them.  Kindergarten I really don’t remember.  Hey I was 5 and while my memory is like an elephant’s I do forgot some things.  Grade school I remember and one would think we were all dying the way we were crying and carrying.  It was like we were never ever going to see each other.  For crying out loud it was 8th graduation and we were all going to going to the same high school.  But all the pictures from back then show our faces are red, wet, and puffy.  Hell some of us hung out all summer swimming and hanging at the mall.

High school graduation was a whole other story.  My best friend drove us to where gradation was and I think we were even late and it wasn’t because we were goofing around at the senior breakfast.  At thought point we just wanted to be done with school.  Plus, I think we were too busy doing our hair and makeup.  Don’t judge it was 1989 and part of it was having big hair, bright clothes and a ton of makeup on.  Since there were too many kids graduating there wasn’t enough room at the school, we graduated at a place called Popular Creek.  It was an outdoor concert venue that has since closed.  I was just happy to walking on a stage that had so many bands play on it.  The class clown let 12 white mice loose during the ceremony.  So there was that excitement.  That class clown now owns his own logistics company.

I went to community college for a year after high school and didn’t go far.  Heck I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up.  So I worked and had fun.  I finally went back to college at 27 and graduated at 30 with a bachelor’s degree.  I, of course had worked my butt off not to mention my fingers to get that degree.  So I cried a little and then had a party at the house that my parents threw for me.  A few years after that I went back and got my MBA and just had them mail it to me.  I didn’t want to deal with all the pomp and circumstance. 

After all that, I am not doing what I got my degrees in.  I did for a number of years and it has helped move me along in my career path.  Now that I am in my 40’s I am comfortable in doing what I do and I have this sparkly blog that I love.  Hey what can I say it has taken me years to figure all this out.  I don’t know how kids now a days figure it out.  I mean they just finished a ton of school and have to think about more school.  Heck I wasn’t mature enough back then to dedicate myself to figure it out and not sure I am now.  If have read this blog you have gotten a glimpse of my quirkiness. 

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