Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Until people stop being idiots I continue with these

One day I may get back to the blonde moments.  But until then I'll bite my tongue even though at times it is no fun.  Because people have lost all common sense.

To all those who said they’d leave if Trump was elected.  Please go.  I’ll help you pack your bags.

The only people that put a division in this country are the people protesting not the person in the White House or the President elect.

If my happy ass has to be drug tested for a job, then your happy ass should be drug tested for taking my money via welfare.

Oh honey, try embarrassing us in front of customers, because you do that now and people are leaving.
Maybe if you paid your bill on time you would get what your ordered.

Talk a little softer because I don’t think the fleas and ticks heard you.

Don’t make a threat that your butt cannot cash when the police show up at your door step.

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