Friday, November 25, 2016

Shopping on Turkey day

With the turkey hangover I had yesterday I could not have gone shopping with the crowds.  Not to mention the sugar high and having a few drinks on top of that.  Lord people with the way the parking lots were before the stores opened I don’t know how you all did it.  Did you all eat at 9 am so it would all wear off in time?  I can picture it now people trying to stay in a straight line waiting to get an IPad or a computer and instead it is a zig zag line weaving through other lines and no one know what is what.  The lines are going through the men’s room then weaving down the tampon isle then into the basement and the attic of the Kohl’s next door. Then finally you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the line goes 2 miles down the road through a few peoples dining rooms, where you can eat again.  Finally, you can get the coveted iPad deal of the day.  Only to realize you waited 6.66 hours for a savings of $69.

Good luck with that shopping on Thanksgiving day and on black Friday.  I’m either in my cozy warm bed or working.  I’ll catch the same deals closer to the holiday or I’ll buy all my friends and family things from friends who sell candles, jewelry or any other direct sales items.  Not to mention that nothing will be left because the same deals were out on Turkey day and were taking by all the turkeys.  Not to mention the lines will be longer and will go through more dinning rooms and a few lakes.

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