Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Get over it and deal with it

Really nothing is going to happen if you root for the other Chicago team.  It’s not like arms are going to grow out of your ears.  If they do that means you have extra hands to hold all your shit.

Go ahead and unfriend me because of my political views.  Looks like you may not have a lot of friends because we all don’t think alike on anything or everything.

Thanks to all the stores who look like Christmas threw up in your store before Halloween.  You may see my sparkling face after Thanksgiving but don’t hold your breath.

Really the store is a mess.  What did you think we were doing between the $3000 worth of sales in about 3 hours?  In fact, why don’t you take it up with the store manager since she’s ringing customers and I’m helping 3 people on the floor.

Oh, you left your phone at home and you feel lost.  What the hell did you do when it was attached to the wall prior to cell phones?

Suck it up suckers this is life and if you don’t like it then change the path you’re on.

Hey butthead, are those Christmas lights up and turned on already?  I think I’ll buy some live turkeys and put them in your front lawn.  Good luck.

It never hurt you as a kid to be punished so why not control your kids and punish them once in a while.  Maybe then people would not stare at you with laser beams eyes.

It wouldn’t hurt your precious ass to say hello and goodbye on a phone call.  Common curtsey and manners are still in style.  Just saying.

Oh you think Canada has free shit, like health care and you want to move there.  Don’t let the door hit you in where the sun doesn’t shine and don’t come crawling back because their taxes are higher to pay for free shit.

Put your adults pants on and deal with it.  It’s America and be happy you live here and not on the moon.

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