Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving day letter a day early

Everything has been status quo since the last holiday letter on Halloween. With all the kids all over the world and universe I am using a transporter to visit them all.  Since Ursula, Agnes, and Augustus are all growing things and I have a successful dirt farm I am bringing them dirt.  The dirt is rich in nutrients and some gold and goats, that their crops will love it to play and frolic in it.

I have managed to recruit 5 fuzzy bunnies and 8 chairs for the circus and under water gymnastics team.  They will be crossed trained and will be able to do any of the stunts and will travel the world and the galaxies.  There seems to be a need for this across the galaxies.  The bunnies will probably breed like rabbits so they can branch off and do more shows for more people, animals, and space creatures.

Until Christmas have a great month.

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