Monday, April 16, 2012

When life was easier

At the moment it is hard to be positive because I am not happy with my career. I spend so much time there, forty hours a week. Then figure in the comute, which is about which is 45-60 minutes hours depending on traffic. I try to come up with 3 positive things a day. Which is not too hard.

I don't know how people keep up with all these social media sites. MySpace I never got into. In fact I never even got an account and I dragged my feet with Facebook and I now find that kind of boring. Then I sign up for Twitter and I really don't get the point of that nor do I get the point of Pinterest. Both of these I wonder why I wasted the time getting an account. My blog I love keeping up on. But I get obsessed because I want people to comment and follow me on it. What ever happened to the days when we weren't so connected electronically. Did we forgot how to talk on the phone or hand write a letter to someone. I remember going to camp and getting other kid's addresses and writing them letters and mailing them.

Life seemed so much simpler then. Now we can email from our phones. It is like we don't even need a computer. There have been times when I leave my phone at home when running to the store. It feels strange but good. I feel like I'm missing something but it is a familiar feeling not being so connected too.

Then there are all the cable channels. It's overload. I get sucked into all the drama of the Real Housewives, Jerseylicious, etc. Back in the day all we had were fiction shows. If you wanted reality you watched the news and that was reality. Some days I feel like my brain is turning to mush with all these shows and computer things.

When we weren't swimming, playing tag or riding bikes we were playing board games or finding something else to do. It was great being a kid back in the 1970's and 1980's.

Until next time keep on playing tag.

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